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burhank 08-01-2018 16:59

Server dont load Metamod

i have a fresh installation from a CS:GO Server. I installed Metamod (i createad addons/ folder on my csgo Order) and put it in. Then i configure the .vdf.

Now in console, if i write, meta, meta list - this doesn't working. I become back: Meta is unknown. The Metamod is don't loading from the Server - anyone knows why?

Sorry for my bad English.. :-D

burhank 08-01-2018 17:25

Re: Server dont load Metamod
It works now, the problem was that i has on my .vdf /var/..../csgo/ -- the plugin works with ../csgo/

Gogeta X 357 08-03-2018 06:16

Re: Server dont load Metamod
Its Doesn't Work if you want to use it then add -insecure command in csgo.exe - shortcut first right click in csgo shortcut goto properties then see the name where csgo.exe written in target box at last make sure that always add space at end off (") Quotation mark amd write -insecure

And i also used csgo fresh install but doesn't work
Here also :-
And :-
3rd one :-

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