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lent 09-06-2019 15:58

[REQ] Edit rank display plugin
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Hi guys,

So, I have this rank system plugin, that displays a rank for the players. But, the thing is, it is only displaying the rank for the current player. I mean, it only shows the personal rank, can someone make it in that way that other players can see each other ranks? I mean for example when I put my cursor on a player, so I can see his rank, or if I am spectating someone, is it possible? Can someone make this?

This is the source bellow:

DON KHAN 1 09-08-2019 10:25

Re: [REQ] Edit rank display plugin
It is possible to do it but better is using the OciXCrom's Rank System: Click Here
Optimized & Better Coded Rank System having lot of features.

OciXCrom 09-09-2019 07:19

Re: [REQ] Edit rank display plugin
That is the worse rank plugin I've ever seen. It has more hardcoded lines than actual code, and the actual code is doing all the checks each second rather than when it's needed.

Use the plugin in the above post.

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