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tuty 07-06-2009 19:16

[DOD:S] Call Medic
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Day of Defeat: Source
Call Medic


- This plugin is different from other dod:s plugins from this forum. Why?
Because you must use medic voice command to call a medic. And this plugin check if you health is >= minimum health, this plugin check if you are alive, check if you already used the medic X times.
- If player type in chat: !medic, medic or /medic will receive a message how to call the medic on server.
- Of course, this plugin need a bind, but bind is made by client on what buttons he need.
- Plugin have a nice screenfade when you are healed.

[IMG]http://img20.**************/img20/2184/settings3.png[/IMG] Cvars:

- dod_medic - 1 - enabled / 0 - disabled
- dod_medic_minhealth - 80 ( minimum health to be able to use command )
- dod_medic_health - 100 ( health to heal, when player successfully called a medic )
- dod_medic_maxuse - 2 ( maximum times per life(when player spawn his medic-use will reset to 0 ) to use medic )


- you must bind a key to voice_medic.

For example:

bind = voice_medic ( and press = to call a medic )

[IMG]http://img30.**************/img30/5649/lang2.jpg[/IMG] Images:

[IMG]http://img7.**************/img7/362/[/IMG] [IMG]http://img7.**************/img7/6536/[/IMG] [IMG]http://img5.**************/img5/4778/[/IMG] [IMG]http://img200.**************/img200/9730/[/IMG] [IMG]http://img13.**************/img13/9530/[/IMG]


DonHarlem 07-11-2009 18:20

Re: [DOD:S] Call Medic
I tried
this plugin and it works fine. but if i change the max usetime it takes no effect !! the min health too .


sorry for my bad english I'm from Germany

tuty 07-11-2009 20:23

Re: [DOD:S] Call Medic
it works fine.. i tested by myself dude.. you doing something wrong

DonHarlem 07-12-2009 04:14

Re: [DOD:S] Call Medic
Hello, i had put the smx file into the plugin folder and the .sp file into the scripting folder. I changed the max use to 10 but ingame it is only 2 times to use !!

gPluginEnabled = CreateConVar( "dod_medic", "1" );
gMinHealth = CreateConVar( "dod_medic_minhealth", "30" );
gHealthAmount = CreateConVar( "dod_medic_health", "100" );
gMaxTimeUse = CreateConVar( "dod_medic_maxuse", "10" );

tuty 07-12-2009 07:00

Re: [DOD:S] Call Medic
i sent you a PM

dirtyjob 08-15-2009 19:24

Re: [DOD:S] Call Medic
no medic plugins work since the 8/13 update, its needed, please someone update one of them

Lebson506th 08-15-2009 22:21

Re: [DOD:S] Call Medic
Works for me.

Make sure you get the latest GameData updates from Tsunami's post here:

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