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r5053 11-27-2008 14:55

Plugin Manager
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This Plugin adds a Plugin menu to the admin menu under server.
It lists 3 options:

Reload,Unload and Load


Adminflag i is required


moves now disabled plugins to disabled folder


DontWannaName 11-27-2008 15:00

Re: Plugin Manager
This sounds good, I love installing as many mods as I can lol. I have 60 atm! Now I can manage them. Can you make it only available for root admins or something similar, my basic admins shouldnt need this, could cause issues.

The JCS 11-27-2008 16:05

Re: Plugin Manager
Works like the AMX Mod X one?

r5053 11-27-2008 17:10

Re: Plugin Manager
i duno I haven't a 1.6 server

recon0 11-27-2008 18:36

Re: Plugin Manager
Very nice.

msleeper 11-28-2008 15:24

Re: Plugin Manager
Very nice indeed. Does this move plugins to the Disabled folder (is that even possible)? If not, how does it handle plugins that have been unloaded in L4D? Servers are technically restarted after every campaign end, so all unloaded plugins would be loaded again.

bl4nk 11-28-2008 15:41

Re: Plugin Manager
Instead of renaming them to, why not just move them to the disabled folder? Looking at the source of the plugin it looks like RenameFile() basically just moves the file to where you specify, with the name you specify. Keeping the name and just moving it to the disabled folder seems like it would be a much better approach.

Aside from that, the source of the plugin looks good. I'm awaiting some people saying that it works and I'll approve.

DontWannaName 11-28-2008 15:43

Re: Plugin Manager
Viper beat you to it Bl4nk.

bl4nk 11-28-2008 15:45

Re: Plugin Manager
Oh well; I assume he tested it.

Cho 11-28-2008 18:20

Re: Plugin Manager
Hi nice plugin

My Partner is scared shitless of the ftp on the servers, so i have had to rattle the peanut and get myself into this.

have put the Plugin on 1 of our servers then restarted it works fine no errors at present..;)

Altho i have 1 question is this set for just "z" admins or is this open for all admins?



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