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DarthNinja 12-23-2010 18:00

[TF2] Power Play
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[TF2] Power Play
Version 1.5.3

Gives you unlimited crits + uber without needing a medic. (Aka, the Robin Walker Uber).

I wrote this ages ago when TF2_SetPlayerPowerPlay was added [to replace my version that used offsets].
Mecha released his version first so I never posted mine. Now that his is unapproved I figured I might as well release my version.


  • sm_powerup <client> <1/0>
  • sm_powerplay - same as above
  • sm_pp - same as above
sm_powerplay - Toggles powerplay on the admin running the command
sm_powerplay @all 1 - Turns on powerplay for all players
sm_powerplay @all 0 - Turns off powerplay for all players
sm_powerplay_version - Plugin Version

Note: The default admin level for the commands is "slay", but the admin level for targeting other players is "ban" (or whatever you set with the override).
This is for if you want all admins to have sm_powerup access, but only higher level admins to be able to target other players.

To change the group targeting admin flag, just add sm_powerplay_override to your override config with the new admin flag.

Install Instructions:
  1. Place PowerPlay.smx into your addons/sourcemod/plugins/ folder.
  • ~
Version History:
  • V1.5.0
    • Initial release
  • V1.5.1
    • Now uses CheckCommandAccess
  • V1.5.2
    • Removed unused admin flag cvar left from V1.5.0/1.5.1 update
  • V1.5.3
    • Changed to use SM1.4 compiler
    • Added common.phrases

Total Downloads prior to last update: 888

Kevin_b_er 12-23-2010 18:58

Re: [TF2] Power Play
Your admin handling is quite odd.

Why did you futz around with bits instead of using CheckCommandAccess?
Why doesn't it respect immunity at all?

xomp 12-23-2010 19:44

Re: [TF2] Power Play
Finally, a way to restrict targeting for groups! Thanks!

Snaggle 01-09-2011 17:25

Re: [TF2] Power Play
Not sure if this has to do with the recent TF2 updates or not, but when I turn off powerplay, the crits noise still plays. If I keep turning it on and off, the noise stacks. Only way to stop it is to rejoin, anyone know about this?

It's happening to all my players.

ultrafunix 01-09-2011 20:28

Re: [TF2] Power Play
Im pretty sure thats a game glitch and valve will fix it. When i get kritzkrieg same thing happens. Also when i get forced crits from the KGB.

DarthNinja 01-10-2011 01:06

Re: [TF2] Power Play
Yeah, it's a Valve "feature"... Nothing to do with the plugin

Snaggle 01-10-2011 18:24

Re: [TF2] Power Play
Ah okay, thanks for that.

xomp 01-10-2011 19:34

Re: [TF2] Power Play
You can fix the kritz noise by simply doing a quick charge 'n targe run.

DarthNinja 01-11-2011 02:27

Re: [TF2] Power Play

Originally Posted by Snaggle (Post 1390919)
Ah okay, thanks for that.

Patched in today's TF2 update

max42 01-11-2011 14:30

Re: [TF2] Power Play
very nice :D

anyway to make it turn off after X seconds ?

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