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McFlurry 07-17-2010 05:39

[L4D2] Coffee Ammo v1.3
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If you've ever played the original L4D you still probably remember the coffee can ammo, this plugin brings back the old model to L4D2.

l4d2_coffee_enable "1"
l4d2_coffee_chance "2" Chance 1/Cvar Value
l4d2_coffee_runtimes "2" How many ammo dumps to check for replacement.

1.0 - Initial Release
1.1 - Checks if ammo pile exists to prevent errors.(136 views)
1.2 - Improved my code from being terribad to good(old way was fail, 1110)
1.3 - Improved code further, switched to using round_start instead of just OnMapStart

dani1341 07-17-2010 08:09

Re: [L4D2] Coffee Ammo v1.0
nice plugin :) one question :) how can i make it replace ammo in safe room only ? i mean only 1 ammo pile to replace :) i missed the l4d 1 ammo pile :)

McFlurry 07-17-2010 12:35

Re: [L4D2] Coffee Ammo v1.0
Set l4d2_coffee_chance to 1 and l4d2_coffee_runtimes to 1 :)

dirka_dirka 07-17-2010 13:53

Re: [L4D2] Coffee Ammo v1.0
is the coffee can ammo part of l4d2 or is it part of the l4d2 add-on support tools?

IronWarrior 07-17-2010 14:02

Re: [L4D2] Coffee Ammo v1.0
Nice plugin. :D

McFlurry 07-17-2010 14:09

Re: [L4D2] Coffee Ammo v1.0
It comes with l4d2, at least I think. I didn't have any add-ons installed when I found this model on Hammer.

ghosthunterfool 07-19-2010 04:30

Re: [L4D2] Coffee Ammo v1.0
cool , can u make like the ammo pile have limited ammo like maybe 1000 ammos? when the survivors pick up 1000 ammo finish , the ammo pile will be gone.

leonil7 07-19-2010 13:18

Re: [L4D2] Coffee Ammo v1.0
good stuff

McFlurry 07-19-2010 15:15

Re: [L4D2] Coffee Ammo v1.0
@ghosthunterfool there is already a plugin for that
The URL is messed up it's showing the ip instead of the regular

ionxp 08-13-2010 15:09

Re: [L4D2] Coffee Ammo v1.0
disable for mutation8 please,it gives errors because there is no ammo pile in that mutation "iron man"

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