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tron73 06-24-2004 19:51

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I used miroir-tk from the amxmod-forum and changed it to tk_glow.amx.

When a player shoots at his teammates, the victim will glow red for about 5 seconds and a sound is played on the attackers client.

Feel free to use it for your purpose. It is my first plugin and I did not very much, than ripping a part which I dont need for the plugin.

The zip file contains the compiled plugin and the sound-file.

bobbyjohn 12-14-2005 20:48

LOL nice plugin

threefeathers 12-22-2005 12:23

Why not do this its simple
start your own thread for your totaly different plugin.. :roll:

LOL i did however enjoy this bit from your file glows.txt


Response "you are now glowing alternating poop and pink."

Ultra 09-03-2006 04:25

Re: tk_glow
thx man !! very good plugin

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