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DarthNinja 06-03-2012 17:37

[Any] Arbitrary Chat Colors
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[Any] Arbitrary Chat Colors
Version 1.1.0

Allows players with access to use any html colour code in chat.

  • chatcolours_version
    • Plugin Version

Install Instructions:

  1. Install Simple Chat Processor (Redux).
  2. Place ColourChat.smx into your addons/sourcemod/plugins/ folder.

Access Control:
Use chat_colour_override with your admin_overrides.cfg to change who can use chat colours.
Default access level is ~everyone~
This uses custom includes and will NOT compile on the forums. Compile it yourself, or use the pre-compiled .smx file.

This currently works in all Source 2009 games.

Version History:
  • V1.0.0
    • Initial Release
  • V1.1.0
    • Code optimizations
    • Fixed a handle leak
    • Removed the test command
Total downloads as prior to last edit: 97

DontWannaName 06-03-2012 19:14

Re: [TF2] Arbitrary Chat Colours
I think you got beat.

DarthNinja 06-03-2012 19:31

Re: [TF2] Arbitrary Chat Colours
I'm pretty sure I didn't.

Horsedick 06-03-2012 19:59

Re: [TF2] Arbitrary Chat Colours
Yeah Darth's version allows players to shift colors on the fly vs Kay's is for groups or specific placed users in a config like the old simple chat colors - very different plugins.

DarthNinja 06-03-2012 20:52

Re: [TF2] Arbitrary Chat Colours
It helps to look at code before jumping to conclusions. :3

Fearts 06-03-2012 21:35

Re: [TF2] Arbitrary Chat Colours
For some reason this doesn't stay loaded on map change for CS:S.

Fearts 06-03-2012 21:57

Re: [TF2] Arbitrary Chat Colours
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Made a little HTML page for people to use on their servers if they want this public.

DarthNinja 06-03-2012 22:41

Re: [TF2] Arbitrary Chat Colours
I forgot chat colors aren't TF2 only anymore.
I'll update the name to reflect that shortly.

ReFlexPoison 06-04-2012 06:21

Re: [Any] Arbitrary Chat Colours
Ask this about a lot of the new color plugins, does the hex value show before the message in player's console?

Fearts 06-04-2012 19:39

Re: [Any] Arbitrary Chat Colours
Is there a reason this keeps getting unloaded? Every few map changes it just stops working and when I check the plugins list it doesn't show as loaded.

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