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GoD-Tony 07-05-2011 07:21

[ZR] Repeat Kill Detector
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Repeat Kill Detector

This plugin will detect infinite loops where the map kills a player, and ZR respawns them. Upon detection it will disable respawning for the rest of the round. Players will be notified of this with a chat message.

This happens in maps that include "AFK killers", and in scenarios where a nuke will fail to kill all players at once while continuing to kill everyone non-stop.

  • This plugin requires Zombie:Reloaded to run or compile.
  • Copy the *.smx file to your plugins directory.


ZR Repeat Kill Detector 1.0.2
- Fixed typo in detection announcement.

ZR Repeat Kill Detector 1.0.1
- Preventing some chat spam if detected several times at once.

ZR Repeat Kill Detector 1.0.0
- Initial release

KyleS 07-05-2011 20:56

Re: [ZR] Repeat Kill Detector
Thank god.

Paparazziv2 07-09-2011 12:52

Re: [ZR] Repeat Kill Detector
Good work, thanks
Repeat killer detected. Disabling repsawn for this round.

cisneros 01-01-2012 11:19

Re: [ZR] Repeat Kill Detector
1.02 version is not working on my server.
Please fix

cisneros 01-02-2012 06:22

Re: [ZR] Repeat Kill Detector
No disable the respawn .

TnTSCS 01-02-2012 12:36

Re: [ZR] Repeat Kill Detector

Originally Posted by cisneros (Post 1623209)
1.02 version is not working on my server.
Please fix

Are there any error logs that might help us determine what's going on? maybe something has changed and the plugin just needs tweaking?

You are using Zombie:Reloaded, right?

Basically, it looks at the deaths and if the map is killing the zombies (like a spawn cleaner), then this plugin will disable respawn for that round.

It looks to see what "weapon" was used to kill the player, and if that weapon is "trigger_hurt" then it will disable respawn. So, I guess it depends on what map you're using and what method it uses to kill players at spawn.

Outputs for the following please:

zr_respawn_delay <-- if this shows unknown command, then that would be your issue, this plugin is for Zombie:Reloaded

sm plugins list
sm version
meta list
meta version

cisneros 01-02-2012 13:04

Re: [ZR] Repeat Kill Detector

17: 39:29 plugin_print
17: 39:29 Loaded plugins:
0:<TAB>"DoS Attack Fixer,"
1:<TAB>"Mattie's EventScripts,, Version:"
2:<TAB>"Metamod:Source 1.8.7"

17:40: 39 version
17:40: 39 Protocol version 21
Exe version (cstrike)
Exe build: 00:49:00 Dec 14 2011 (4785) (240)

17:41:24 sm plugins list
17:41:24 [SM] Listing 39 plugins:
01 "Admin File Reader" (1.4.1) by AlliedModders LLC
02 "Admin Help" (1.4.1) by AlliedModders LLC
03 "Admin List" (1.2) by Fredd
04 "Admin Menu" (1.4.1) by AlliedModders LLC
05 "Advanced admin commands" (0.16) by 3sigma
06 "Advertisements" (0.5.5) by Tsunami
07 "Anti-Flood" (1.4.1) by AlliedModders LLC
08 "Anti-Reconnect" (1.1.5) by exvel
09 "Basic Chat" (1.4.1) by AlliedModders LLC
10 "Basic Comm Control" (1.4.1) by AlliedModders LLC
11 "Basic Commands" (1.4.1) by AlliedModders LLC
12 "Basic Info Triggers" (1.4.1) by AlliedModders LLC
13 "Basic Votes" (1.4.1) by AlliedModders LLC
14 "Client Preferences" (1.4.1) by AlliedModders LLC
15 "Enter server sound" (1.6) by Kemsan
16 "Forlix FloodCheck" (1.71) by Forlix (Dominik Friedrichs)
17 "Fun Commands" (1.4.1) by AlliedModders LLC
18 "Fun Votes" (1.4.1) by AlliedModders LLC
19 "MapChooser Extended" (1.8.1) by Powerlord, Zuko, and AlliedModders LLC
20 "Mapchooser Extended Sounds" (1.3) by Powerlord
21 "Map configs" (1.1.1) by Berni
22 "Nextmap" (1.4.1) by AlliedModders LLC
23 "Noblock players and Nades" (2.0) by Originally by Tony G. Fixed by Rogue
24 "Map Nominations" (1.3.8 ) by AlliedModders LLC
25 "Player Commands" (1.4.1) by AlliedModders LLC
26 "Players Votes" (1.5.0) by The Resident, pZv!
27 "RCON Lock" (0.6.7) by devicenull
28 "Reserved Slots" (1.4.1) by AlliedModders LLC
29 "Rock The Vote" (1.3.8 ) by AlliedModders LLC
30 "SM Parachute" (2.5) by SWAT_88
31 "SM Super Menu" (0.5) by pRED*
32 "Sound Commands" (1.4.1) by AlliedModders LLC
33 "SourceBans" (1.4.9) by SourceBans Development Team
34 "[Any] SteamTools Game Description Override" (1.0.0) by Dr. McKay
35 "Get TickRate" (1.0) by Liam
36 "Very Basic High Ping Kicker" (1.4) by msleeper
37 "Zombie:Reloaded" (3.0.0-b2) by Greyscale | Richard Helgeby
38 "ZR Repeat Kill Detector" (1.0.2) by GoD-Tony
39 "Show Damage" (1.0.7) by exvel

17:42:11 sm version
17:42:11 SourceMod Version Information:
SourceMod Version: 1.4.1
SourcePawn Engine: SourcePawn 1.1, jit-x86 (build 1.4.1)
SourcePawn API: v1 = 4, v2 = 3
Compiled on: Dec 7 2011 10:46:41
Build ID: 3447:f74e1dea2ef2

17:42:53 meta list
17:42:53 Listing 6 plugins:
[01] D-FENS (1.3) by Spencer 'voogru' MacDonald
[02] SourceMod (1.4.1) by AlliedModders LLC
[03] CS:S Tools (1.4.1) by AlliedModders LLC
[04] SDK Tools (1.4.1) by AlliedModders LLC
[05] SteamTools (0.8.2) by Asher Baker (asherkin)
[06] SDK Hooks (2.1.0) by Tsunami, psychonic

17:44:06 meta version
17:44:06 Metamod:Source version 1.8.7
Build ID: 772:99b7a0a11fec
Loaded As: Valve Server Plugin
Compiled on: Jun 23 2011
Plugin interface version: 15:14
SourceHook version: 5:5

17:44:59 zr_respawn_delay
17:45:00 "zr_respawn_delay" = "15" ( def. "1" )
- Time after death to delay player respawn. [Dependency: zr_respawn]

TnTSCS 01-02-2012 13:10

Re: [ZR] Repeat Kill Detector
how long does it take for the player to die after they are respawned? If they're alive for more than 5 seconds after they respawn, then this plugin will miss them...

Example, if the map you're on kills players by damaging them with 100HP every second until they die, and you respawn the player with 1000HP (some plugins use spawn protection and give 1000HP as their way of "spawn protect") then it would take longer than 5 seconds to kill that player.

Make sure you don't have spawn protection on with Advanced Admin Commands plugin... I don't know anything about ES, but check to see if that has any sort of spawn protection as well, and disable it if it does.

I'll load up my test ZR box and test this if needed... but the plugin should work as long as the player dies by the map in under 5 seconds after being respawned (if I'm reading the math right in this plugin).

cisneros 01-02-2012 13:32

Re: [ZR] Repeat Kill Detector
I turned off the protection. I'll try new

cisneros 01-02-2012 14:20

Re: [ZR] Repeat Kill Detector
Thanxs you! Now this plugin susccefully 100%.

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