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Powback 07-30-2020 08:54

[CS:GO] Problem with War3Source Mod (WC3)
Hi, after the CS:GO update I have a Problem with my WC3 Mod, I know that is because the OnTakeDamage Funktion(Hook) have changed.

I have updated my Sourcemod but the WC3 Mod still dont work, when I say sm version in Console it says i have version 6490, but when I say sm plugins in Console the SM Plugins on version 6494(new).

So, my question is have I failed the SM upgrade or must I compile the WC3 sp files again ?

Kind regards

(hope my english is not too bad)

DJ Tsunami 07-30-2020 11:20

Re: [CS:GO] Problem with War3Source Mod (WC3)
If sm version still says 6490, the update failed. Make sure the server is completely stopped and that you update all the .so/.dll files, as explained on

Powback 07-30-2020 15:56

Re: [CS:GO] Problem with War3Source Mod (WC3)
Now it works, thanks for your answer.
My mistake was that, the Server Setting was put on webinterface, thatīs why the SM dont update.

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