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Silvers 07-29-2020 17:03

Goodbye SM
I don't have time to constantly update or support anymore. Will post a few updates here 'n' there to fix issues reported but not taking feature requests etc anymore. 10 years after I started SM, all great things must come to an end, was fun while it lasted, good luck to everyone in their future endeavours. Props to those still supporting. Great community :up:

Lux 07-29-2020 17:07

Re: Goodbye SM

Dragokas 07-29-2020 17:48

Re: Goodbye SM
I wish you good luck in your life.
That's was a great pleasure to learn from you.
Really appreciate for personal help and for all of your large and creative works.
Definitely, the whole l4d servers community owes you, a lot of servers could look very poor without your talent works, plugins & articles.
It's a pity that many players know (respect) only the server owners and not the real authors of the used modifications. They even don't mention the authors in their adverts. Not to mention donations.
Definitely, you have already deserved a million dollars for the hours you spent.
Feel free to left here your requisites. I'd like to donate as well.

Have nice days!

Shao 07-30-2020 02:28

Re: Goodbye SM
I am so glad that I got to meet you before this day came, it was really interesting to work alongside as I got to learn more on going.

It must be said, again and again you've done a great favor to this community and your participation was something that is really rare among the things I got to ever witness, amazing fella with a great future, a great mind.

Never have I got to see such dedication in my life and this is something to take example of. I hope that your future ideals take off just like the ones you left for us to enjoy!

Thank you Silvers.

Shadowysn 07-30-2020 02:32

Re: Goodbye SM
It's saddening to see you go, but it's your choice. You've been doing most of this for free, after all.

I used to consider myself a well-enough SourceMod plugin creator, but then there's everyone else, seeming to intricately know more than I do.
Turns out I know jack sh*t about the more complex aspects of SourceMod.

And then there's you, Silvers. 10 years and you pulled through it with expert skill.

Compared to you, I f*ck everything up by trying to be some sort of jack-in-the-box, changing my hobbies around and around, and I have a problem with talking-before-thinking and not doing research.

So, uh, not much else for me to say unless you want more me-bashing-my-own-self...

...Goodbye Silvers, stay safe on your journey now.

maclarens 07-30-2020 02:44

Re: Goodbye SM
If u like it ur hobby then never drop her,im many time drop my servers and turn back and create and create for people good servers and fun stuff ,i like it this, its part of me and i like it give people some fun turn into my idea,if u like it ur hobby then never drop him,becaose he give you happy in your heart.thanks for reading my post!always do what you like!

thEsp 07-30-2020 05:32

Re: Goodbye SM
Your contributions have always been great and thus you deserve some time to rest. :)

Mitsuru 07-31-2020 13:36

Re: Goodbye SM
Silver is a good person, although I am a passerby:哭:

BHaType 08-02-2020 11:45

Re: Goodbye SM

Tonblader 08-02-2020 19:16

Re: Goodbye SM
Sad moment for l4d2 support

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