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Spirit_12 04-16-2020 16:20

Re: Infinite Round (v2.1.2)

Originally Posted by OciXCrom (Post 2693893)
What's the problem? AMXX is backwards-compatible.

Current version requires you to install Cvar_Utility module which is redundant considering all the features are available in core package.

OciXCrom 04-16-2020 18:29

Re: Infinite Round (v2.1.2)
Haven't checked the code (on my phone at the moment), but if the function names used in the plugin are the same as those in 1.10, you can just remove the #include line from the code and it should work.

Spirit_12 04-16-2020 23:15

Re: Infinite Round (v2.1.2)
They are not. I had to manually remove the dependency, just wanted Arkshine to make the changes on the front page.

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