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Arkshine 02-04-2010 16:52

Re: Infinite Round

Is this anyhow better than the No Round End module?
You mean this one ?

- Doesn't block timer.
- Doesn't block end of objectives.
- Doesn't work under linux.
- Doesn't have a command to enable/disable plugin properly.
- Offset is harcoded and can change if there is a CS update. Mine uses a signature.

Arkshine 02-04-2010 16:55

Re: Infinite Round
@01101101 :

No the indentation is not fucked up, see that here for example, it well indented in few editors I have. I'm using four space as one tab. ( config in notepad++ ). "Idented with Notepad++ autoidenter" ; you better to not use that.
Concerning the automaton, I suggest you to see the Pawn guide or here.

01101101 02-04-2010 16:57

Re: Infinite Round
Ok thanks :D

Zombiezzz 02-04-2010 17:09

Re: Infinite Round
nice! i hope you don't trash this plugin like you did to your others/ :(

KadiR 02-04-2010 17:18

Re: Infinite Round
Nice job! :)

Exolent[jNr] 02-04-2010 17:54

Re: Infinite Round
            new message[ 128 ];             ( currentPluginState == statePluginWanted ) ?                 formatex( message, charsmax( message ), "%s", statePluginWanted ? "Plugin already enabled!" : "Plugin already disabled!" ) :                 formatex( message, charsmax( message ), "%s", statePluginWanted ? "Plugin is now enabled!"  : "Plugin is now disabled!"  );             ( player ) ?                 console_print( player, message ) :                 server_print( message );
            ( currentPluginState == statePluginWanted ) ?                 console_print( player, "%s", statePluginWanted ? "Plugin already enabled!" : "Plugin already disabled!" ) :                 console_print( player, "%s", statePluginWanted ? "Plugin is now enabled!"  : "Plugin is now disabled!"  );

If 0 is passed to console_print( ), it is sent to server.

Arkshine 02-04-2010 17:57

Re: Infinite Round
Just checked, you're right. I don't use often such function. I will change for the next version. Thanks.

AirShot 02-04-2010 18:40

Re: Infinite Round
Is it to prevent the ends of rounds in the mod as GunGame or DM when there is not many players and all team members are dead? for example?
if so, is it not make the server lagging?

Sorry for bad English :mrgreen:

Arkshine 02-04-2010 18:50

Re: Infinite Round
- It blocks the end of rounds whatever the situation/condition, yes like for example all player from a team are dead. All the things which trigger a round end. It's meant to be used on DM environment where players spawn continually. (like say the description/notes)
- The way it's coded, of course not. Also I won't release a plugin which lags.

Kreation 02-04-2010 20:01

Re: Infinite Round
Goodjob, nice plugin.

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