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Kevin_b_er 07-11-2009 19:53

[TF2] Flag Exploit Fix
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Fix a few various exploits and bugs involving Team Fortress 2's intel.

These include:
  1. Joining unassigned with intel (lets them keep carrying the intel)
    Patched July 14, 2009.
  2. Getting switched to spectator team by a plugin. (Same as #1, but induced by the admin)
  3. Disconnecting while holding intel. (Flag doesn't drop where they stood, instead goes to near center of map.)
If the user commits #1, they will be kicked from the server and a message will be generated in the log:
User Name<STEAMID> attempted flag exploit and was kicked.

If #2 or #3 occurs, the flag will be fixed. In this case the intended action is that the flag will drop where the user last stood, as if they had manually dropped the intel or had been killed.

This plugin set is set to only operate on maps beginning with CTF_. If there is such demand to make this more flexible, I can considering improving that aspect.

Some of these may be fixed by blocking the unassigned team through other plugins, but doesn't stop #2 or #3 from being a problem. Additionally other plugins may cause #3 if they fail to correctly remove the player.

  • flagfix_ver - Current version
  • flagfix_enabled - Master enable/disable (1/0) for the plugin.
Made for Sourcemod 1.2, may function on older versions as well, but is not guarenteed or tested.
Made for Team Fortress 2, but may function for other mods which use an carryable/capturable flag system.

Version History
  • 0.9
    Initial published beta

noodleboy347 07-14-2009 02:47

Re: [TF2] Flag Exploit Fix
Thank you! This is so helpful. Is it possible to temp. ban the players that do this?

xomp 04-26-2010 22:30

Re: [TF2] Flag Exploit Fix
Very nice :)

I assume that it's enabled by default when loaded?

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