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nG_getwreck 04-11-2021 14:26

Why no-steam exists?
Hello, i'm just wondering why non-steam servers exists and they use it to earn money. Just like Does Valve have plans to make CS 1.6 free instead? to stop people to make money via non-steam clients.

Silencer123 05-28-2021 17:54

Re: Why no-steam exists?
I think most people playing HL and CS were broke teens with duplicate CD keys when Steam hit so there was a lot of incentive to keep the versions of the games where circumventing the license key requirement is easier. Also since CS is heavily competitive people were heavily opposed to change, especially with early versions of the Steam client being really bad. Don't know about the shady stuff. Guess it was easy to set up given the pretext.

Sam839 05-29-2021 18:33

Re: Why no-steam exists?
I have two friends who play cs 1.6 non-steam. Why? It's easy and fast in their opinion. They never used steam.

Sometimes I can see them watching a csgo match and when I ask if they want to play this game? They say it's sh*t.

I can say they can't take something new. It's been many years and they're still playing the same game.

kww 06-11-2021 10:11

Re: Why no-steam exists?


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