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GoD-Tony 06-22-2012 06:29

[CS:S] Napalm Lag Fix
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Napalm Lag Fix

Prevents lag when IgniteEntity is used on players passing near each other. Most prominent with plugins such as Zombie:Reloaded.

More information: p=1734343&postcount=11

  • Install DHooks.
  • Extract to your SourceMod directory.
  • This plugin supports automatic updates via Updater.

Napalm Lag Fix 1.0.3
- Updated gamedata.

Napalm Lag Fix 1.0.2
- Updated gamedata.

Napalm Lag Fix 1.0.1
- Fixed errors when running DHooks 1.0.12+.

Napalm Lag Fix 1.0.0
- Initial release

Bacardi 06-22-2012 07:56

Re: [CS:S] Napalm Lag Fix
I thought "burn player" only affect to that one player, not players around. :/

daleGEND 06-22-2012 08:22

Re: [CS:S] Napalm Lag Fix
Awesome, going to try it out now :)

TnTSCS 06-22-2012 11:52

Re: [CS:S] Napalm Lag Fix
Nice work and thanks for the video (always love visual representation)

KyleS 06-22-2012 12:40

Re: [CS:S] Napalm Lag Fix
Thanks for the quick fix :wink:

Fearts 06-22-2012 14:08

Re: [CS:S] Napalm Lag Fix
Just heard about this a day ago. Thanks for making a fix so quickly.

gamemann 06-22-2012 17:05

Re: [CS:S] Napalm Lag Fix

homerjsimpson 06-22-2012 17:24

Re: [CS:S] Napalm Lag Fix
Thx Tony ... Great work :up:

Franc1sco 06-22-2012 17:32

Re: [CS:S] Napalm Lag Fix
Thanks... but according to the video, really produces much lag? :shock:

TnTSCS 06-22-2012 18:50

Re: [CS:S] Napalm Lag Fix
I've never noticed the lag before... but this also stops other players from being affected by the fire, right?

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