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Mecha the Slag 03-06-2011 07:07

[TF2] Slag Soccer 1.0
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This is a better rewrite of Cube Soccer. Knock the ball to the opponent's goal and win!

There are several improvements from Cube Soccer.
  • The 'cube' is now a ball, which gives it more appropriate physics and movement
  • Damage is reduced the longer you are from the ball. That way, deathmatches are non-existant and there is no reason for class limits.
  • The ball doesn't fly all over the place if hit with a lot of force, instead, it moves just like it should.
  • Fixed a bug in cube soccer where the ball would go through the goal and not score if it went fast enough
  • Efficient code

Q: Why is it currently so bland?
A: Right now I just wanted to get the basics down, then experiment with features. Currently it's at the level of Cube Soccer when it comes to features, but I plan to expand it with appropriate features.

(from Cube Soccer - they're compatible!)
Alpine Valley
Nice easy soccer field with surrounding shelf to create havoc from above

The original soccer map

Maps where the goals are under water

Indoor map with many obstacles

Stadium map

Fun Granary style map

soccer_version - Slag Soccer version
soccer_enable (default: 1) - Enable Slag Soccer

SDKHooks 1.3

HUUUGE credits to strontiumdog for making the original cube soccer!

XaxaXoxo 03-06-2011 17:30

Re: [TF2] Slag Soccer 1.0
Thank you for work. But in the file SlagSoccer.txt no data for the following maps:
HTML Code:


and because of this there is no cube

Mecha the Slag 03-07-2011 11:32

Re: [TF2] Slag Soccer 1.0
Sorry about that, it appears no data was put in for Cube Soccer for those maps. I'll add them in asap!

XaxaXoxo 03-24-2011 06:53

Re: [TF2] Slag Soccer 1.0

I propose two possibilities:
1. melee only
2. edit % damage or remove them altogether

strontiumdog 03-25-2011 16:30

Re: [TF2] Slag Soccer 1.0
I was going to suggest placing control of classes in any new plugin.
Snipers piss people off considerably in Cube Soccer.

rediem 03-28-2011 07:55

Re: [TF2] Slag Soccer 1.0
+ for cs:source plugin

Mecha the Slag 04-03-2011 05:20

Re: [TF2] Slag Soccer 1.0
Snipers have little to no effect in this plugin as they cannot deal much damage from afar.


Originally Posted by XaxaXoxo (Post 1438533)

I propose two possibilities:
1. melee only
2. edit % damage or remove them altogether

No. The damage % is fine as it is.

Velture 04-06-2011 17:37

Re: [TF2] Slag Soccer 1.0
Nice work mate.

Now i have 5 mods on my server :)
I love it. So much FUN!!!!!!


Velture 04-06-2011 17:47

Re: [TF2] Slag Soccer 1.0
My server runs this mod: [EU] STER TF2 #2 FUNBOX *SAXTON*HIDDEN*TFDB*HnS*SOCCER*TF2WARE* +CritDisp

Velture 04-08-2011 16:08

Re: [TF2] Slag Soccer 1.0
grains, fooooootbal, alipne, splash maps do not work. No ball spawn.

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