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Prembil 10-23-2017 02:42

Server freezes after the pyro update
Hello there,
so after the new pyro update, I cannot get this to work.
I don't know where is the problem because error log is empty. And when I look at the console on server start I see that the last line says that tick rate has changed from 0 (0.0ms) to 7 (0.105ms) then it freezes.

Server OS: Win10-home

Any help would be appreciated.

Prembil 11-07-2017 17:41

Re: Server freezes after the pyro update
(you cannot call it a bump, when it's on top already *be smart meme*)

Can anybody approve that's not working or is it just me ? It'd help me a lot, because I'll be able to know where to begin...

Thanks in advance!

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