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asherkin 11-03-2015 10:44

SourceMod Development Roundup (1.7.2 - 2015/11/03)
This covers all commits to 1.7 since the release of 1.7.2.
Now that we're on a roling release cycle, I'd like to do a roundup like this semi-regularly (depending on interest and commit frequency) to replace the old release changelogs.

  • The normal set of gamedata updates for numerous games.
  • Worked around a case where client connections could desynchronize, causing authentication information to persist across players.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the TF2 extension due to a missing IsFree() check.
  • Fixed cases where IsCharAlpha/IsCharNumeric/IsCharSpace/IsCharUpper/IsCharLower could return incorrect data.
  • Fixed ConVar.*Value property setters not working correctly.
  • Fixed mouse movement values in OnPlayerRunCommand for TF2/CS:S/DoD:S/HL2:DM.
  • Change default path ID to "GAME" instead of NULL for valvefs-using filesystem natives.
  • Fixed SQL_SetCharset potentially misbehaving when used with threaded operations.
  • Improve allocation policy for datapacks to save memory.
SourcePawn Fixes (Need to recompile plugins for these)
  • Fixed an issue where some unary operators could return incorrect data.
  • Corrected oversight with view_as<>(...) where it could compile with missing parenthesis.
  • Fixed a compiler crash with invalid array initializers.
  • Fixed parameter list of DBResultSet.IsFieldNull.
New Features
  • Added support for Modular Combat.
  • Added support for setting string_t Prop_Data fields (such as "m_target") to SetEntPropString.
  • Added array support to SetEntPropString.
  • Include datapack memory allocation in handle dump.
  • Added new condition / holiday constants to
  • Added FindMap native.
  • Added GetTeamEntity native.

As always, I'd like to thank the SourceMod team and members of the community contributing changes this period - including Powerlord, FlaminSarge, Thordin, WildCard65, and PeaceMaker.

Most interesting development takes place in the development branch (1.8) and I am currently working on a roundup of that (there is a lot!) - so hold on to your hats!

As for what is coming in the future...
This is all 1.8 changes since forking off 1.7 (also everything already listed above).
There have been a lot of commits moving around SM internals to facilitate future work.
Some stuff may have been missed, some stuff may have snuck in that is in 1.7.x before 1.7.2 - future updates will be a lot easier to compile.

  • Corrected buffer sizes for player and map names in numerous base plugins.
  • Corrected numerous spelling mistakes throughout the config files and API documentation.
  • Fixed methodmap chaining using the wrong value when used as a default parameter.
  • Fixed "sm plugins refresh" not reloading changed plugins.
  • Fixed a misleading error message from "sm config".
  • Increased buffer sizes for PrintTo*All stocks.
  • Fixed FindFlagChar returning false when given custom6 flag.
  • Notify plugin listeners of SetFailState'd plugins on unload.
  • Pause dependent plugins on SetFailState.
  • Fixed an issue with asynchronous queries potentially completing after plugin unload.
  • Added support for Black Mesa.
  • Added SetClientName native.
  • Populate MaxClients before OnPluginStart is called.
  • Added support for listening to, blocking, changing, and faking ClientCommandKeyValues.
  • Introduced a datapack position tag to avoid common mishaps with SetPackPosition.
  • Added GetMapDisplayName native to assist working with workshop maps.
  • Added EmitSoundEntry native and updated AddNormalSHook with support for newer engine features.
  • Added File Transfer hooks to SDKTools.
  • Updated convar flags to match modern engines.
  • Added offset printing to datamap dumps.
  • Include date information in property dumps.
  • Changed map history storage limit to be configurable (sm_maphistory_size).
  • Added TE_SendToAllInRange native.
  • Added GetEntityRenderColor stock.
  • Updated large swathes of the API to use methodmaps.
  • Removed methodmap native binding syntax.
  • Moved the git revision to the 4th version number component.
  • Removed lots of unused gamedata.
  • Killed off the INativeInvoker extension API.
  • Enable SDK independence with MM:S enabled extensions.
  • Huge amount of refactoring moving code from Core to Logic (smaller download, faster builds).
  • Huge amount of refactoring to SourcePawn VM internals:
    • Faster, safer, easier to maintain plugin loading and unloading.
    • New error handling model with better stack traces.
    • All functions can now be used as callbacks.

psychonic 11-03-2015 12:13

Re: SourceMod 1.7 Development Roundup (1.7.2 - 03/11/15)

Originally Posted by asherkin (Post 2359557)
so hold on to your hats!


GoD-Tony 11-03-2015 13:26

Re: SourceMod 1.7 Development Roundup (1.7.2 - 03/11/15)
I like this idea! There's a few things there that I didn't know were added/fixed.

Potato Uno 11-03-2015 15:39

Re: SourceMod 1.7 Development Roundup (1.7.2 - 03/11/15)
Any ETA when 1.8 becomes the new stable?

asherkin 11-03-2015 15:41

Re: SourceMod 1.7 Development Roundup (1.7.2 - 03/11/15)

Originally Posted by Potato Uno (Post 2359639)
Any ETA when 1.8 becomes the new stable?

No, why will make more sense when I've completed that round-up.
If there is anything in 1.8 that you want to see in 1.7 (especially bug fixes, which should all be in 1.7 but often get forgotten) just holla.

asherkin 11-03-2015 19:25

Re: SourceMod 1.7 Development Roundup (1.7.2 - 03/11/15)
Updated the op with a snapshot of 1.8 changes.

GreYzZ 11-03-2015 21:44

Re: SourceMod Development Roundup (1.7.2 - 03/11/15)
We really need an auto updater for the plugin

ddhoward 11-03-2015 23:10

Re: SourceMod Development Roundup (1.7.2 - 03/11/15)

Originally Posted by GreYzZ (Post 2359713)
We really need an auto updater for the plugin

Updater does, in fact, update itself. But this is not relevant to this thread.

Chdata 11-04-2015 14:08

Re: SourceMod Development Roundup (1.7.2 - 03/11/15)
"Fixed mouse movement values in OnPlayerRunCommand for TF2/CS:S/DoD:S/HL2:DM."

Pfff, no wonder my guided missiles broke.

Bara 11-04-2015 15:13

Re: SourceMod Development Roundup (1.7.2 - 03/11/15)
Nice, is this now monthly?

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