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DON KHAN 1 06-13-2019 12:41

[ZP] SVIP Plugin
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Hello Guys.

I Saw In Many ZP Servers Having SVIP Plugin , But When I Searched For This Plugin Here So I Didn't Get But I Got The aaarnas VIP Plugins Then I Decided To Turned It Into SVIP Plugin.

I Got A SVIP Plugin But Its Was In Amxx File And When I Added It Into My Server The SVIP Plugin And VIP Plugin's Was Disturbing Each Other Due To Same Lang In The .txt File.


aaarnas For The Real Plugin

Me: For Turning It To SVIP Plugin.


* SVIP Have SVIP Menu In Extra Items.

* Show A SVIP Connect Message When A SVIP Connects.

* Show The SVIP Player In /svips

* /svip For The SVIP Privilege.

* Same Cvars As aaarnas' ZM VIP Plugin But Some Changing.. You Can See All Cvars Bellow.

* It Has Damage, Jumps, Armor, Unlimited Ammo, Kill Ammo, Infect Health. (I Didn't Created This aaarnas Created This I Just Edited This).


// ZM_SVIP v1.5 cvars file
// Author: aaarnas and turned into svip by DON KHAN
// Changes loads only on server mapchange/restart/start.

// Base plugin cvars

zp_svip_jumps 3 // How many jumps can player do in air.
zp_svip_allow_jump ab // Allow multi-jump: a-human. b-zombie, c-survivor, d-nemesis. Write letters of classes witch you want to affect.
zp_svip_armor 200 // How much armour humans gets every spawn, [0-off]
zp_svip_killammo 2 // Extra ammo for kills [zombies and humans], [0-off]
zp_svip_infectammo 2 // Extra ammo for infecting humans [zombies], [0-off]
zp_svip_infecthealth 1000 // Extra health witch zombies gets when infecting humans [0-off]
zp_svip_nemextra 1 // 1 - ignore extra health (zp_svip_infecthealth) for nemesis [0-don't ignore]
zp_svip_show 1 // Show connecting svips (in chat) [0-off]
zp_svip_unlimited_ammo 1 // 1 - Give vips unlimited clip for all guns [0-off]
zp_svip_no_fall_damage 1 // 1 - Disables fall damage for vips [0-off]
zp_svip_damage_reward 1000 // Damage done to get 1 ammo pack [0-off]. IMPORTANT: ZP mod always givving ammo in this type(If enabled). This cvar is seperate from main mod, so vips gets x2 ammo packs. One from mod, other from this plugin.
zp_vip_damage_increase 1.0 // How much increase humans attack demage (damage*cvar). [1.0 - off]
zp_svip_happy_hour off // Enables Happy Hour. Example: (zp_vip_hour 03-13) from 3h night, to 13h day. ['off' - off]
zp_svip_happy_hour_frag 1 // Gives extra frag for kills and infect
zp_svip_happy_hour_ammo 1 // Gives extra ammo packet for infect and kills
zp_svip_nonvip_tease 1 // Let non vip player open /vm menu, but they can't buy anything.

// MODE 2 cvars (they will work only then MODE is set to 2 or 3)

zp_svip_register_in_zp_extra 1 // Show SVIP menu in Zombie Plague Extra items menu [0-off]
zp_svip_menu_close 1 // 1-will close menu, after extra item bought, 0 - don't
zp_svip_hour off // Gives vips for all players. Example: (zp_svip_hour 03-13) from 3h night, to 13h day all will get a free svip. ['off' - off]
zp_svip_hour_flags abe // Flags witch player gets (zp_svip_hour) active (check svips.ini)

// MODE 3 cvars (they will work only then MODE is set to 3)

zp_vip_cost_ammo 80000 // How much ammo will cost SVIP, if buying it from extra items menu [0-just opens menu, when select "SVIP Menu".]
zp_vip_buy_time 1 // days how long (days) players will have svip, when bought it for ammo. 0 - forever
zp_vip_buy_flags abcde // Flags witch player gets when buying svip (check svips.ini)


1.0: Turned VIP Plugin To SVIP Plugin.

1.1: Changed Cvars Name.

1.2: Edited Lang File Of SVIP Plugin.

1.3: Edit SVIP Menu.

1.4: Fixed SVIP Menu From The Extra Items.

1.5: Fixed SVIP Menu Because SVIP Guns Wasn't Showing In The SVIP Plugin.

Now Lets Move Out From Here And Now I Will Teach You How Too Make A SVIP Plugin.

Cuz I Edited The Too And Made It So There Are Some Changes.

To Turn A Gun To SVIP Gun Follow These Steps:

* Add #include <zmsvip> In The SMA File.

* Find zp_register_extra_item(const name[], const discription[], cost, team). For Example:
PHP Code:


Now Change The Line Into. zsv_register_extra_item(const name[], const discription[], cost, team)
For Example:
PHP Code:

zsv_register_extra_item("CrossBow""3x Damage"150ZSV_TEAM_HUMAN

* Now The Final Step: Find For
PHP Code:

public zp_extra_item_selected(iditemid

And Make It:
PHP Code:

public zsv_extra_item_selected(iditemid

For Compiling The Gun Plugin You Must Have To put To Include Folder.

Now Save And Compile The Plugin.

Hope You Guys Like My Effort.

If You Want Any Help So Feel Free To Ask :D

thEsp 06-13-2019 12:52

Re: [ZP] SVIP Plugin
None will understand what this is unless you tell what features you have added/removed ?

DON KHAN 1 06-13-2019 12:55

Re: [ZP] SVIP Plugin

Originally Posted by thEsp (Post 2655440)
None will understand what this is unless you tell what features you have added/removed ?

i didn't added any feature i just turned it to svip plugin

u can see the svip plugin here

edon1337 06-13-2019 13:02

Re: [ZP] SVIP Plugin
How to re-create this plugin:

1) Open original ZP VIP Plugin
2) Ctrl + H
3) VIP -> SVIP

You have to create an unique plugin if you want it to get approved.

DJEarthQuake 06-13-2019 15:54

Re: [ZP] SVIP Plugin
Could you link the original work please that explains what this does. S. What does that mean? S like Strange VIP plugin. Sorry to troll a bit but I have no idea what this is. All you guys worried about approved or not can just post on Gamebanana or Github. It's all approved! lol When dealing with power in numbers approved does mean what it once did. I am sure as a community we all could vote on 10 plugins that should be trashed that are approved and approve at least 10 up and coming plugins. It was never designed to be a 1 man op. Main reason many of these are living breathing active coder plugins where as there are many approved abandoned plugins without any upkeep.

DON KHAN 1 06-14-2019 01:50

Re: [ZP] SVIP Plugin
Guys I Understand You Don't Know About This Plugin Well I Will Post The Video For The Little Description.


Its Not My Plugin Its Just A Plugin Of aaarnas I Just Turned It To SVIP Plugin.

Koneuka 06-14-2019 03:12

Re: [ZP] SVIP Plugin

Originally Posted by DON KHAN 1 (Post 2655489)
Guys I Understand You Don't Know About This Plugin Well I Will Post The Video For The Little Description.


Its Not My Plugin Its Just A Plugin Of aaarnas I Just Turned It To SVIP Plugin.

You are just repeating same information. Please explain what exactly SVIP plugin is and what it does.

I AM NOOB 06-14-2019 05:32

Re: [ZP] SVIP Plugin

you just change the VIP => SVIP

OciXCrom 06-14-2019 07:16

Re: [ZP] SVIP Plugin
This thread is a joke, right? If not, I would love to see a RVIP plugin as well, I'm sure it will be even better than SVIP! I know it's a lot of hard work renaming two words, but somebody's gotta do the useless stuff in life.

On the real life side: if you can't offer something new to the community, please don't post any plugins "made by you". One day you will grow up and you won't be able to stop facepalming over your childhood "creations".

asherkin 06-14-2019 07:20

Re: [ZP] SVIP Plugin
As others have said, this is not a plugin release, not by a long shot.

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