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DJ Tsunami 03-03-2008 12:08

Advertisements 2.0 (Updated 2016/03/23)
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This is a simple advertisements plugin. It supports center, chat, hint, menu and top messages.

sm_advertisements_enabled (0/1, def 1)
Enable/disable displaying advertisements.

sm_advertisements_file (def "advertisements.txt")
File to read the advertisements from. Useful if you're running multiple servers from one installation, and want to use different advertisements per server.

sm_advertisements_interval (def 30)
Amount of seconds between advertisements.

Server command to reload the advertisements from advertisements.txt.

By default the plugin reads the advertisements from configs/advertisements.txt, which has this format:


        "chat"        "{green}[email protected]"
        "top"        ""
        "flags"      "a"

Make sure to save this file in UTF-8 (without BOM), otherwise special characters will not work!


The following types are supported:

center: A center message, like sm_csay.
hint: A hint message, like sm_hsay.
menu: A menu message, like sm_msay, but without the title or the Exit-option. Pressing 0 will still hide the message, but it will block 1-9 from switching weapons as long as it's showing.
chat: A chat message, like sm_say. A list of supported colors can be found on
top: A top-left message, like sm_tsay. It supports any of the colors listed on, or custom colors with {#abcdef}.

Multiple types per advertisement are allowed, so you can show a different text in multiple places at the same time.


This field supports the following variables: {currentmap}, {date}, {time}, {time24} and {timeleft}. Next to that you can print the value of a cvar by enclosing the name with {}, for example {sm_nextmap} would show the name of the next map. Also supports \n for newlines (works for center, chat and menu messages). A couple of examples are given in the supplied advertisements.txt.


This field is optional. It accepts a list of flags of admins that will not see the advertisement if they have any of those flags. If left empty, only admins will see the advertisement. If omitted everyone will see the advertisement.


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FrostbyteX 03-03-2008 12:34

Re: Advertisements
Excellent plugin! It's short and concise and efficient. I'll be using this.

And for chat colors, precede the text you want colored with the color code (i.e. PrintToChatAll("%cThis is green", COLOR_GREEN), where COLOR_GREEN is defined as 4).


Extreme_One 03-03-2008 12:43

Re: Advertisements
Nice work :D
Thank you.

Coloured chat messages would be a great addition :)

Anyway I've dropped ^BugS^ Ads plugin now and installed this one :up:

DJ Tsunami 03-03-2008 13:12

Re: Advertisements
Thanks guys, I thought this would be such a basic feature, and since we already had the functions for it it was very easy to make. I'll definitely look into the colors.

tcviper 03-03-2008 14:10

Re: Advertisements
Tsunami AWESOME job mate, no irritating TICK sound when a chat ad appears and works very well! Thank you.

bl4nk 03-03-2008 14:57

Re: Advertisements
The reload command doesn't seem to work. It still prints out the same exact things as before I used it.
- See edit

Also, I added in {FF}. Here's the code I used.


        if (StrContains(sBuffer, "{FF}")) {
            new Handle:ffConVar, ffSetting, String:sFF[6];
            ffConVar = FindConVar("mp_friendlyfire");
            ffSetting = GetConVarInt(ffConVar);

            switch (ffSetting) {
                case 0:
                    Format(sFF, sizeof(sFF), "OFF");
                case 1:
                    Format(sFF, sizeof(sFF), "ON");

            ReplaceString(sBuffer, sizeof(sBuffer), "{FF}", sFF);


Nevermind about the reload thing. I was saving the file to the wrong place like a fool. :oops:

pRED* 03-03-2008 15:08

Re: Advertisements
Nice work. Includes more features than the old advertisements plugin (which is no longer supported since the author has gone AWOL).


DJ Tsunami 03-03-2008 15:09

Re: Advertisements
Thanks for approving, and thanks for the code bl4nk, I will incorporate it.

[Arnold] 03-03-2008 15:22

Re: Advertisements
Great and absolutely missing! Hope you keep supporting it.

FrostbyteX 03-03-2008 15:22

Re: Advertisements
Instead of {FF}, it would be nice to have a method for putting cvar values into the string, such as [mp_friendlyfire] and [sv_contact].

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