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Lucs 05-22-2020 10:59

Clients only download .bsp files intead of .bz2
This is a problem related to my server, which users download .bsp maps intead of .bz2. The fastdl file is in .bz2 format but clients download the .bsp one, then so the download speed is too slow. I'm using two different web servers to make clients download the maps OpenFastDL (I found this one browsing) and MediaFire. I don't know that many places to create my own web server for free (or kinda), so I'm using these. On my maps folder, I have all the maps in .bsp format. Sorry for my bad english and poor knowledge about this :oops:

PC Gamer 05-23-2020 15:15

Re: Clients only download .bsp files intead of .bz2
The fastdl is working as intended. You host the .bz2 file. Players download it. It becomes uncompressed on their client drive after download as a .bsp file.

One not so ideal option is for you host your own files on your game server or another computer you own. You can use Apache or some other free open source hosting software on your server.

foon 05-23-2020 16:26

Re: Clients only download .bsp files intead of .bz2
If you don't want to pay for a fastDL host, you can always use this.

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