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rogeraabbccdd 12-16-2017 07:47

[CSGO] Pokeball Grenades (1.1 | 2017-12-17)
This was a private plugin I made for Akami Studio.
I decide to release this because I'm no longer work with them.
This plugin will replace both view model grenades and thrown grenades to pokeball, you can select skin for each type of grenade.
THIS PLUGIN WILL NOT TRIGGER GSLT BAN. (I use this plugin in my server since 2016.)

-1 = Disable pokeball.
Check this file for skin list.
PHP Code:

pokeball_he    "0"    //Skin of pokeball hegrenade.
pokeball_flash    "5"    //Skin of pokeball flashbang.
pokeball_decoy    "23"    //Skin of pokeball decoy.
pokeball_smoke    "15"    //Skin of pokeball smokegrenade.
pokeball_inc    "12"    //Skin of pokeball incgrenade.
pokeball_molotov    "12"    //Skin of pokeball molotov.
pokeball_flag    ""    //Flag to use pokeball, blank = disabled" 


Known Bugs

If you apreciate my work, you can donate me via steam trade offer or paypal.

Git Repo

rogeraabbccdd 12-17-2017 07:13

Re: [CSGO] Pokeball Grenades (1.1 | 2017-12-17)
Update 1.1
  • New cvar "pokeball_flag".

TheWhitesmith 12-28-2017 13:22

Re: [CSGO] Pokeball Grenades (1.1 | 2017-12-17)
What is the reason for unapproving this? Since you can use custom models/skins that do not exist in CSGO

paulo_crash 01-18-2018 07:03

Re: [CSGO] Pokeball Grenades (1.1 | 2017-12-17)
The skins are working everything correct, I see the pokeball skins in my hands, when it attacks they still get the pokeball.

Only the pokeball in the hands of other players shows the pattern, the image follows:

Could you correct it?

hoycieto 02-24-2018 09:55

Re: [CSGO] Pokeball Grenades (1.1 | 2017-12-17)
Hello, how can I delete unwanted skins from plugin? I've tried to delete them from .mdl files after decompile (with Crowbar) and its not working :/

Lubricant Jam 03-20-2018 14:43

Re: [CSGO] Pokeball Grenades (1.1 | 2017-12-17)
Allowing the client to type !grenadeskin would be a good idea, in case they do not like it.

raj kaul 04-09-2018 09:48

Re: [CSGO] Pokeball Grenades (1.1 | 2017-12-17)
nice plugin looks cool...perfect for decoy and nade only rounds

Kriax 09-04-2018 06:16

Re: [CSGO] Pokeball Grenades (1.1 | 2017-12-17)

Safe plugin ? :)

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