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DJ_WEST 03-21-2010 17:20

[L4D2] Chainsaw Refuelling
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[L4D2] Chainsaw Refuelling

Version: 1.6

The plugin allow refuelling of a chainsaw with gascans (not scavenge gascans).


1. Download the "l4d2_chainsaw_refuelling.smx" and put into your "addons\sourcemod\plugins" directory.
2. Download the "" and extract into your "addons\sourcemod" directory.

l4d2_refuelchainsaw_enabled - plugin status (default: 1).
0 - disable
1 - enable

l4d2_refuelchainsaw_remove - remove a chainsaw if it empty (default: 0).
0 - don't remove
1 - remove

l4d2_refuelchainsaw_mode - allow refuelling of a chainsaw (default: 2).
0 - on the ground
1 - on players
2 - both

l4d2_refuelchainsaw_drop - enable dropping a chainsaw (on reload button) (default: 1).
0 - disable
1 - enable

  • en - AtomicStryker
  • ru - DJ_WEST
  • de - AtomicStryker
  • pl - kwski43
  • da - Jo-Barf_Creepy & siangc
  • es - uriel18


  • Fixed "Entity -1 (-1) is invalid" error (thx siangc)
  • Added the spanish translations
  • Fixed bug when the player press use, reload or attack button and can't change a weapon
  • Added the polish translations
  • Fixed error when refuelling doesn't work after the plugin is reloaded
  • Updated the translations
  • Checking client buttons (OnPlayerRunCmd) works now only on survivors, not owned by the infected
  • Fixed errors with every possible situations spam of pistols
  • Fixed error loading of a plugin
  • Added new cvar l4d2_refuelchainsaw_drop
  • Updated the translations
  • Fixed bug when chainsaw's fuel doesn't increase
  • Initial Release

Version 1.5 - 2344 views

GanjaStar 03-21-2010 17:57

Re: [L4D2] Chainsaw Refuelling
thats a cool plugin. a little gimmicky but very cool. :mrgreen:

IronWarrior 03-21-2010 18:39

Re: [L4D2] Chainsaw Refuelling
I like this, would be good for 10vs10. :D

HowGentle 03-21-2010 20:34

Re: [L4D2] Chainsaw Refuelling
I summon chainsaw in my dedicate sever. I use chainsaw until out of gas, drop chainsaw and I try to refuel chainsaw by gascan
but can't. (my chr make a refuel motion , but chainsaw's fuel does not increase.)

DJ_WEST 03-22-2010 01:47

Re: [L4D2] Chainsaw Refuelling
HowGentle, thanks for report. Try new version 1.1.

alexip121093 03-22-2010 02:19

Re: [L4D2] Chainsaw Refuelling
can you add a command to let player drop their chainsaw
auto drop(not remove) when run out gas

alexip121093 03-22-2010 04:39

Re: [L4D2] Chainsaw Refuelling
1 Attachment(s)
this line cause error

SetEntProp(229, Prop_Data, "m_iClip1", 10)

I just removed it and work great

HowGentle 03-22-2010 06:24

Re: [L4D2] Chainsaw Refuelling
1.1 version can not refuel chainsaw's fuel.
I drop chainsaw and try to refuel useing gascan,
but can not.(only throw gascan continually.)
and in spite of "l4d2_refuelchainsaw_remove 0"
when chainsaw's fuel is out, drop it, and disappear.

alexip121093's modified version is works well.:)
thx both of you :)

DJ_WEST 03-22-2010 07:20

Re: [L4D2] Chainsaw Refuelling
alexip121093, thanks! I have forgotten to remove the debugging code =)

can you add a command to let player drop their chainsaw
Added new cvar l4d2_refuelchainsaw_drop in the new version 1.2.

HowGentle 03-22-2010 07:35

Re: [L4D2] Chainsaw Refuelling
Drop function is cool!!
I love it!

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