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Rabid Baboon 07-17-2005 20:39

Zombie Panic Admin Give Weapons
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Admin Give Weapons
Author: Rabid Baboon
Version: 1.0
Mod: Zombie Panic
Requires: AMX mod X v1.01
Required Modules: Fun
Allows admins with slay level to give weapons.

amx_weaponmenu - Brings up the weapon giving menu.

Add this line to custommenuitems.cfg to have it appear in amxmodmenu
amx_addmenuitem "Weapon Give" "amx_weaponmenu" "e" "Admin Give Weapons"

devicenull 07-18-2005 19:31

Choose a mod/cat

Rabid Baboon 07-18-2005 22:04

So when are you guys going to add zombie panic to the mod list? I have atleast two more plugins nearing release for zombie panic.

uoi100 08-13-2005 03:23

yeah i agree there should be a mod list for Zombie Panic ( Zp ) :idea:

uoi100 09-30-2005 21:23

zp mod menu
you know i think they would make a mod list if you create more zp plugins you know?

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