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Slash The Mighty 04-27-2021 06:02

CSS:DM crashes on player spawn if side-loaded from /disabled/
Hey, just installed a fresh setup of CSS-DM, and it was super screwy.
It took me a while to figure out the problem, but I eventually found it.

If you (like me) use linuxgsm to run multiple instances, and place the plugin in the plugins/disabled/ folder, as to be loaded individually through cssserver.cfg on the servers that are due to run CSS-DM, it won't work.

In my case, the server would start up just fine, and I'd be able to connect just fine.
The second I pressed one of the join team buttons tho, the server would freeze for 60 seconds and crash.
The same would happen if bots were on the server, the first bot would try and join a team only to freeze the server.

The fix for me was to move the plugins back into the default plugins/cssdm/ folder.

Now CSS-DM loads on all server instances, but at least it works.
From there, it's just a matter of unloading it from servers that shouldn't run CSS-DM, like so:

// Disable CSS:DM
cssdm_ffa_enabled "0" //fixes future issues with friendlyfire despite mp_friendlyfire 0
cssdm_enabled "0"
sm plugins unload cssdm/dm_basics.smx
sm plugins unload cssdm/dm_bot_quotas.smx
sm plugins unload cssdm/dm_equipment.smx
sm plugins unload cssdm/dm_preset_spawns.smx
sm plugins unload cssdm/dm_spawn_protection.smx

This is a little wicked, but if it works it works.
Though I'd share, enjoy. 🥂

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