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Doppelgangster 04-12-2007 11:20

Re: Ultimate KillStreak Advanced
I'm running it on tfc and for some reason it doesn't work for me either.

The sounds will precache and download, but they will not play when you hit the kill numbers, nor the hud message are not displaying.

Alka 04-12-2007 15:50

Re: Ultimate KillStreak Advanced
hmm what Cvars you have? post here! Others sound(headshoot,kniefkill,nadekill) works?

Doppelgangster 04-13-2007 10:52

Re: Ultimate KillStreak Advanced
ut_killstreak_advanced 3
ut_killstreak_hs 3
ut_killstreak_knife 3
ut_firstblood 1
ut_nade_events 3
ut_suicide_events 3
ut_doublekill_events 3
ut_roundcout_sounds 1

firstblood works, but I turned it off. It always announces it when I kill someone
I ran it on Condition Zero, works like a charm

Alka 04-13-2007 14:37

Re: Ultimate KillStreak Advanced
hmmm...why you using "3" at cvar's? just put "0" instead of "3"...and i have no idea why is don't working :|

Atais 04-16-2007 13:43

Re: Ultimate KillStreak Advanced
I am using Beta version with the newest AMXX and there is bug with firstblood. Its loading in everykill, not just the first one...
So there is like 20x firstblood every round. :(

Is it only my bug?
I have all setting set to default.

Also i have got problem with writting new settings.
Every time i use f.e. ut_firstblood 0

after restarting the server its set to 1 again :/

Alka 04-16-2007 13:47

Re: Ultimate KillStreak Advanced
1.Yes in "firstblood" is a bug....playing every kill!
2.You must put "ut_firstblood 0 " in amxx.cfg to remain "0" on restart!

Atais 04-16-2007 14:25

Re: Ultimate KillStreak Advanced

2.You must put "ut_firstblood 0 " in amxx.cfg to remain "0" on restart!
Yeah, great now its working like i wanted it to :)


1.Yes in "firstblood" is a bug....playing every kill!
Is that bug also in the non-beta version? I havent checked it.

By the way, it may be only my opinion but the suicide sounds.. could be better. I mean.. that laughts... are too long a bit... and annoying. If you could change them to maybe something like "What a pity" said by this Q3 voice.. or something like that it would be a pleasure to use ut_suicide_events 1 :)

Also... in beta... i think that the round counter doesnt work.. i didnt hear it anyway.

Edit: Spaces

Tartooob 04-19-2007 04:49

Re: Ultimate KillStreak Advanced
Great plugin but I was wondering, how to add more sounds ? for example I want to add 4 knife sounds insted of 2, is it possible and how ? I tried editing the sma file but it wont compile after editing it saying size diff or somthing. =/

Why not also add the sounds c4powa when bomb planted and when defusing the laugh and godlike and other sounds ?

unseenghost 04-19-2007 11:14

Re: Ultimate KillStreak Advanced
great plug besides the firstblood bug any idea's for when you will have that fixed?

ful4no 04-20-2007 14:34

Re: Ultimate KillStreak Advanced
any can help me install this in CVARs I have the serv in my lanhouse but sound dont work I'm newb >.<" im plugin's =/ help me !!!

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