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pheadxdll 11-04-2011 19:23

[TF2] No Thriller Taunt
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I've been enjoying the Halloween Event this past week but the downside to normal play is the thriller taunt overriding taunt kills and events. This fixes that. This is also useful outside of halloween when using tf_forced_holiday cvar or the Force Holidays plugin on your server as well.

Some various notes:
  • Thriller taunt chance is normally 40%
  • The thriller taunt is only active during the Halloween holiday, not full moon.

Plugin is autonomous, it's always on until you unload it.

Change log:

0.1 - Initial release
0.2 - Ported this project to a plugin

To install, copy thriller.smx to plugins/ and thriller.plugin.txt to gamedata/.

KyleS 11-04-2011 19:38

Re: [TF2] No Thriller Taunt
Nice job!

napalm00 11-05-2011 01:46

Re: [TF2] No Thriller Taunt
Ooooh it's not active during full moon?
Well this is just awesome then. Thanks a lot!

Snaggle 11-06-2011 14:08

Re: [TF2] No Thriller Taunt
I'm getting this error on sm exts list...
PHP Code:

<FAILEDfile ""tf/addons/sourcemod/extensions/thriller.ext.2.ep2v.soELF file OS ABI invalid 

pheadxdll 11-06-2011 19:39

Re: [TF2] No Thriller Taunt
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I'm compiling on CentOS 6 x64 and it seems to be setting the ABI version to UNIX - Linux (3) when your system expects UNIX - System V (0) in the ELF header. I used brandelf to change set it to 0 and it runs fine on here. Try the attached version and do let me know if it loads alright then I'll update the first post.

Snaggle 11-06-2011 20:10

Re: [TF2] No Thriller Taunt
Seems to of done the trick. No errors and the taunt isn't showing! Lovely work :)

pheadxdll 11-06-2011 20:36

Re: [TF2] No Thriller Taunt
Great, I really didn't want to set up a VM to compile these. First post has been updated. :)

asherkin 11-06-2011 21:58

Re: [TF2] No Thriller Taunt

Originally Posted by pheadxdll (Post 1591584)
Great, I really didn't want to set up a VM to compile these. First post has been updated. :)

Easiest way is to add "-Wl,--hash-style=sysv" to the linker flags in the Makefile.

Thraka 11-09-2011 15:26

Re: [TF2] No Thriller Taunt
Do I need to change map or can I use sm exts load thriller? Doing so, I get this error "Could not locate offset to apply patch". Windows OS.

pheadxdll 11-09-2011 17:02

Re: [TF2] No Thriller Taunt
It can be loaded at anytime. It's odd it doesn't find the signature on windows because it does on my windows server. I'd just make sure the gamedata is present and accounted for and restart the server.

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