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psychonic 03-04-2013 12:34

Dota 2 Fixups
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Dota 2 Fixups is a Metamod:Source plugin that provides some fixes for issues present when attempting to run a Dota 2 server.

It currently provides the following fixes:
  • Fix clients receiving an error message when manually connecting to servers (due to not bringing lobby data with them).
  • Fix third-party dedicated servers shutting down shortly after startup.
  • Fix waiting for players stage being skipped.
  • If custom addon desired, only load that addon's directory. (or dota_local_custom_allow_multiple 1 to keep all, with desired one first).
  • Promote desired custom addon, if any, above other addon search paths so correct addon always loads.
  • Disables auto-exit when server version doesn't exactly match official server versions.
  • Blocks server commands sent from the Game Coordinator backend.
  • Blocks Game Coordinator attempting to turn server into a SourceTV relay.
  • Fixes engine bug where SourceTV is included in bots that get kicked when server hibernates (including on startup). This fix is Windows-only for now.

D2Fixups is now open source under the GPL v2 license.

Many thanks to DS for adding support for Linux and Mac.

psychonic 03-04-2013 14:30

Re: Dota 2 Fixups
It looks like Valve has already broken this on the main client, but it should still work on the test client for now. I'm looking into a fix.

psychonic 03-04-2013 15:05

Re: Dota 2 Fixups
Version 1.1 uploaded. It should work both on the main and test clients now. Also, all development cvars are unhidden.

KyleS 03-06-2013 07:53

Re: Dota 2 Fixups
Nice Job!

ghostdlr 03-09-2013 16:08

Re: Dota 2 Fixups
In what directory should I copy the files?
Is there anything else I have to edit (like a liblist.gam on cs 1.6)?

ghostdlr 03-09-2013 16:23

Re: Dota 2 Fixups
I followed the instructions here

In gameinfo.txt I have:
GameBin |gameinfo_path|addons\metamod
Game |gameinfo_path|.
Game platform

and I'm stuck at generating that metamod.vdf file ...
Can anyone help ?

MapleRabbit 03-13-2013 13:43

Re: Dota 2 Fixups
Is it legal for us to run a server with this plugin?

psychonic 03-13-2013 13:44

Re: Dota 2 Fixups

Originally Posted by MapleRabbit (Post 1911993)
Is it legal for us to run a server with this plugin?

I am not a lawyer, but I don't see why it wouldn't be.

MapleRabbit 03-13-2013 14:12

Re: Dota 2 Fixups

Originally Posted by psychonic (Post 1911995)
I am not a lawyer, but I don't see why it wouldn't be.

thank you very much for the reply :D
Im sorry but im a newbie in this
So im a little afraid that using this and metamod when dota 2 is still in beta will be considered as hack or crack or something?
Any specificed materials for me to read like valve's attitude or something?

And thank you for the great work you have done :D

Solace 03-15-2013 10:12

Re: Dota 2 Fixups
its not illegal but vac could get a false positive but is highly unlikely. very few cases in the past have that occurred with metamod. ive had it running for 2 weeks and played in mming without any issues.

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