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Shaman 12-23-2006 08:07

Batgirl+Invisible Man
You don't lose your cloak when you are using grappling hook:

D o o m 02-02-2007 14:30

Re: Batgirl+Invisible Man
And where's the bug now?
If you use your hook, you don't move, because you don't push forward or backward or sidestep. If you do while your using Batgirl, your cloak will be removed.

And as long as you don't, you only look around :)

golem 02-05-2007 15:29

Re: Batgirl+Invisible Man
i dunno if you could call this a real "bug"...
but it would be fine, if you could decide, if invisible man should still do his job when you're on a rope!

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