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xOR 12-12-2009 21:55

got xREDIRECT v1.1RC1? come here...
questions, bug reports or any other suggestions regarding an RC version of v1.1 go into this thread. the current release candidate is v1.1RC1.

of course i am also always happy to just hear "working fine for me" reports. these as well as bug reports help me to decide when a version can be declared stable.
i am especially interested in hearing reports about the two new features: not counting bots and detecting when the mod or protocol of a remote server differs.

this is what was changed in this version:
-[000597] Empty lines in server list file are not skipped correctly
-[000362] Option to set whether to count bots or not
-[000379] Check mod/protocol version
-[000595] Follow announcement displayed in wrong language
-[000596] Error in protocol parsing for some remote game information
-[000594] Missing colors for menu entries of manually disabled servers
-[000447] Admins are automatically redirected to servers with noauto flag

for a complete changelog look into the source code or at the bug tracker.

thanks to DarkGod for testing it over a week on SYOPS servers prior to the release.

DarkGod 12-13-2009 06:15

Re: got xREDIRECT v1.1RC1? come here...
Aw, you didn't add this:

(17:28:50) ([SC]DarkGod) Somehow it actually resolved an issue that we had
(17:28:55) ([SC]DarkGod) Or well, one server had.
(17:29:00) (xOR) oh goodie
(17:29:02) ([SC]DarkGod) I'm not sure why it did but well, it did.
(17:29:31) (xOR) i'll put that into the changelog
(17:29:46) (xOR) "for some magical reason fixes issues you might have had one only one of your servers"
We've been running this version on our servers for just over a week now without any issues at all and the new features are working out flawlessly.
Thanks for a great update, xOR! :)

xOR 12-13-2009 08:22

Re: got xREDIRECT v1.1RC1? come here...
haha, sorry, i guess that's what happens when doing updates at 4 a.m.

i forgot to mention your testing help too, adding that now.

Muscle Brazil 12-17-2009 12:29

Re: got xREDIRECT v1.1RC1? come here...

xOR 12-17-2009 14:19

Re: got xREDIRECT v1.1RC1? come here...
this is not the thread for such questions...

simply get the source code and search for calls of set_hudmessage. then change the X parameter to the position on the X axis where you want to have the announcement. you will need to try some values until you find the correct value: i suggest starting with 0.05.

xOR 12-27-2009 10:15

Re: got xREDIRECT v1.1RC1? come here...
are you running v1.1RC1 already? plz feeeeedback i wanna release :wink:

the only thing i noticed so far is that there was still a small language issue in the message that is displayed when someone uses the /follow feature. i already fixed that in my local version of the 1.1.

Mordekay 12-27-2009 10:26

Re: got xREDIRECT v1.1RC1? come here...
It's running fine here

Short enough that feedback? :D

xOR 12-30-2009 19:11

Re: got xREDIRECT v1.1RC1? come here...
noticed a second issue with a new feature: users are able to enqueue themselves for servers that run a different mod/protocol. which ofc doesn't make sense when they can't redirect themselves there.

again, corrected already in my local version. as it was only minor issues so far this wouldn't justify releasing an RC2.

freamer 01-01-2010 15:46

Re: got xREDIRECT v1.1RC1? come here...
Seems like a bug found.

when using check method = 1, protocol mismatch/different mod error occur.

when check method is 2, everything is Okay.

xOR 01-01-2010 17:17

Re: got xREDIRECT v1.1RC1? come here...
ok, thanks for the report. i will check that.

EDIT: found and fixed that bug in my local 1.1 candidate.

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