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SkynetBR 12-16-2019 19:07

Problems with filesystem requirements
Hey guys.

So, today i've tried to set up the sourcebans on my server.

I'm following the tutorial, in the installation step i got an error.

"There were some errors in your setup that prevent SourceBans from being installed.
Please refer to the documentation to find possible fixes for these problems."

I've put all the web files in "/var/www/html/sourcebans" but seems like something else is missing.

Can someone help me? xD

web files:

HiddenConn1 12-20-2019 08:07

Re: Problems with filesystem requirements
On the file system requirements part you need to give those file(s)/directories write permissions. CHMOD them to the appropriate permissions. "demos, themes_c, images/games, images/maps and config.php" need to be as follows. You can do this in FTP by right clicking the directory and selecting "File permissions".

config.php file is writable (Linux: sudo chmod 644 config.php)
/demos folder is writable (Linux: sudo chmod -R 644 demos)
/themes_c folder is writable (Linux: sudo chmod -R 774 themes_c)
/images/games folder is writable (Linux: sudo chmod -R 644 /images/games)
/images/maps folder is writable (Linux: sudo chmod -R 644 /images/maps)

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