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Olly 09-18-2007 13:51

Legacy SourceBans 1.4.11 (Updated 2014/02/17)
This version of SourceBans is no longer supported, please migrate to SourceBans++
SourceBans is a plugin and web interface for managing bans across multiple servers, and easily managing the admins across your servers.

  • Tsunami
  • Peace-Maker
  • smithxxl
Past contributors
  • Antithasys
  • Olly
  • devicenull
  • dalto
  • teame06
  • FlyingMongoose
  • Recon
  • ^Bugs^
  • WhiteWolf
(Above package includes Web Interface and Plugin)


  • Web Server
    • PHP 5.2
    • MySQL 5.0
  • Source Dedicated Server
  • Web Interface
    • Upload all the contents of /web_upload from the zip file to your webserver where you want SourceBans to be installed to.
    • CHMOD the following files/folders to 777:
    • Navigate your browser to and follow all of the directions on the screen.
      Note: You will need a database already setup before you start the installation
    • Depending on the status of your file permissions, you may come to a screen telling you copy some text into your config.php file. You must do this when it tells you, or any AMX imports you need to do, will fail.
    • You will always get some code to add to /addons/sourcemod/configs/databases.txt (on your GameServer) it is important to add before you install the SourceBans plugin, or the plugin will not be able to contact the database.
    • Once you come to the end of the installation, you need to delete the /install folder from your server. Once you have done this, your sourcebans install will be done
  • SourceBans Plugin
    • Upload the content of the game_upload folder to your gameserver
    • Add a "sourcebans" section to your databases.cfg as the installer tells you
    • Adjust the /configs/sourcebans/sourcebans.cfg to your needs. Make sure you set the correct ServerID for your server.

Updating is real easy. Just upload all the files to your FTP, and then navigate to Now your database is updated to the latest version.

More Info
There are docs here: and That should get you started with the initial setup of SourceBans.

You're welcome to join the official IRC channel #sourcebans @

If you have specific bugs, request or ideas please post them on our bug tracker


Change log

L. Duke 09-18-2007 14:00

Re: SourceBans (1.0.0 RC1)
Good job team!

Hell Phoenix 09-18-2007 14:21

Re: SourceBans (1.0.0 RC1)
The installer says mysql 5.0 is required =(

GCFaith 09-18-2007 14:23

Re: SourceBans (1.0.0 RC1)
It is recommended, but you need at least MYSQL 4.1!

Sipi 09-18-2007 14:26

Re: SourceBans (1.0.0 RC1)
GJ! :--D

HSFighter 09-18-2007 15:05

Re: SourceBans (1.0.0 RC1)
Wow, verry verry nice and good job :-)

Hell Phoenix 09-18-2007 15:12

Re: SourceBans (1.0.0 RC1)
Mysql 5 is required according to the installer. I looked at the installer files.

I changed it to 4.1 and it then installed for me, however the last step where it sets up admin didnt work. Just gave me a blank page.

GCFaith 09-18-2007 15:39

Re: SourceBans (1.0.0 RC1)
We are aware there are certain problems with the installer and we are sorry about this. Hopefully this will be solved asap. We will keep you informed if anything has changed.

imported_Anth0ny 09-18-2007 15:57

Re: SourceBans (1.0.0 RC1)
Thank you!
Nice work!

Olly 09-18-2007 17:10

Re: SourceBans (1.0.0 RC1)
1.0.0 RC1a 18 sept 2007 = 20:51
* Fixed Step 5 of installer showing white page
* Fixed problems with IIS servers
* Fixed not to require MySQL 5
* Fixed not to require magic quotes GPC
* Default admin now has full server admin as default
* Fixed some mysql servers showing error when adding admins to database
* Fixed a syntax error in the databases.cfg code

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