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AsphyxiaJLSA 11-13-2021 13:47

L4d2 - event sky heartbeat
help, does anyone know how i can increase time in sky events? When a new event happens, it plays a beat along with slow motion, I would like to know how can I increase that time in some sky campaigns, some are 8 seconds long and others. just the last second, is there a way to increase that slow motion time?

in this campaign it lasts 1 second

Marttt 11-13-2021 13:59

Re: L4d2 - event sky heartbeat
Search for:

PHP Code:

    "targetname" "sky_timescale" 

In stripper files.

But just as a warning, looks nice but usually it hangs the server for a while depending on how many players (and their ping/latency) are online.

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