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BAILOPAN 02-20-2007 04:02

New Bug Report System
I am pleased to announce that we have done away with the old Bug Reports forum. It has now been replaced with, powered by Flyspray. You can log into the bug system with your forums account (and you must have a forums account to log in).

There were many problems with the old setup. Since most people don't bother reading instructions, no matter how bright, bold, and red the text was, it was often cluttered with ridiculous, irrelevant posts. And since it was close to the forum software itself, it often attracted "me too," or unhelpful, side-tracked topics by users not realizing that they were only hurting the reporting process.

This new system is centralized across AlliedModders projects. It lets us assign issues to specific releases, organize milestones, assign priorities, and force categorization of reports. Hopefully this will greatly improve how we interact with users when resolving issues.

Unfortunately, we are unable to import the old bug reports into the new system. Thus, we invite anyone with old, outstanding reports to repost them into the new system.

On that note, a few select issues have been fixed in the 1.76 branch over the past month or so. Thus, we have decided to release a 1.76d in the interim, which will come out shortly. Development of the 1.77 branch has started thanks to sawce, and we will probably start beta testing sometime in March.

Freecode 02-20-2007 04:25

Re: New Bug Report System
GJ! Lets just hope we dont see people posting server help or scripting questions there o.O

Arkshine 02-20-2007 04:43

Re: New Bug Report System
Good job B. ;)

Hawk552 02-20-2007 07:52

Re: New Bug Report System
Hopefully this will speed everything up, good job.

FormulaZero 02-20-2007 08:04

Re: New Bug Report System
Indeed, while doing so I hope everyone will understande exactly why it was made, and post in the correct forum now.

jopmako 02-20-2007 11:40

Re: New Bug Report System
very good...

Brad 02-20-2007 11:56

Re: New Bug Report System

P34nut 02-20-2007 13:05

Re: New Bug Report System

Zenith77 02-20-2007 13:16

Re: New Bug Report System
Yay for organization.

GoD-Tony 02-20-2007 13:39

Re: New Bug Report System
Nice work, but who is this sawce you speak of?

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