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KWo 11-08-2006 10:54

Re: Restrict weapons for certain maps
I'll try to compile it against AMX X 1.76b (I believe You are using that version) when I'll be at home later (after few hours). But You can compile it Your-self - just put that sma I posted into amxmodx/scripting folder (after uznipping). Make sure in Your amxmodx/scripting/include there is a file called (it exists in csdm2.1 release pack). If everything is in the correct place, just go back to the amxmodx\scripting folder and hit (by "Enter" key) the file called compile.exe...
Then in the folder scripting/compiled You should see some compiled files - also csdm_main.amxx - copy it to amxmodx/plugins folder (overwrite the old one).

KWo 11-08-2006 13:55

Re: Restrict weapons for certain maps
OK - here You have the compiled file csdm_main.amxx (zipped). Please try it and let me know if it works for You. Don't forget restart the server.

[EDIT]Use whole the beta instead.[/EDIT]

HelllBoy 11-10-2006 02:55

Re: Restrict weapons for certain maps
i belive it works i tested for 2 maps

you are good man ty

now i must ask somting my server is for 30 slots but few maps are to liltle for 30 people and make lag

can i set sv_maxplayers 20 or 30 for certain maps ?

KWo 11-10-2006 13:47

Re: Restrict weapons for certain maps
If I remember good - You cannot change the cvar mp_maxplayers in-game. But You should ask about that rather at AMX X Offtopic forum.

Back to Your map specyfic weapons configurations - if You got finally working that what I was elaborating for You last few days - You can try to go one step ahead. For now when You are playing cs_india with awp only, You can see stupid equip menus with all items unavailable with available awp only (on the second or third page) instead to see only 1 page wth available awp only. Do You now what I mean? You can remove all unwanted items from the menu. To do this You can try to edit Your items_awp_india.cfg so:

Originally Posted by items_awp_india.cfg

awp AWP 1

I mean - edit only these 2 parts - for secondary and for primary weapons - the first one is empty, the second is awp only - so You have now in Your gun menu awp only as the only available weapon (instead 3 pages ith useless unavailable weapons). Don' need to write all these lines with 0 at the end. Let me know if You like it so when You get it working.

pulpy 11-12-2006 19:36

Re: Restrict weapons for certain maps
KWO, i did the per map csdm reload thing, it works, thx great work!

bmann_420 01-28-2007 21:25

Re: Restrict weapons for certain maps
This way seems to work "visually". I will try yours just above KWo. But my issue is I have all the configs setup for disabeling the 2 Auto snipers and awp. THey are greyed out of the guns menu, but you can still get them by hitting the button they represent... Pissin me off, so ill try your main up above and see eh

I find that is takes the menu away completely, I diddnt read enought I guess. But I still have that issue.

bmann_420 01-29-2007 00:39

Re: Restrict weapons for certain maps
I tried Bail's and KWo's and with Bail's stock one no menu shows up... And KWo's the menu shows up but the weapons that are restricted are "greyed out" but able to be bought.

KWo 01-29-2007 03:00

Re: Restrict weapons for certain maps
Try the version csdm_equip 2.1g posted here with the pack 2.1f (replace only csdm_equip in that beta) and let me know if it works. I don't have time to figure it out what is the problem with these grayed up but available menus. More than likely there is some bug in the new menu system (with callback functions), but I don't have time to work on it right now. Before that I don't want to bother Bailopan. Temporary I did some workaround for that.

bmann_420 01-29-2007 03:20

Re: Restrict weapons for certain maps
Thank you, I will try it.

Aje 03-05-2008 16:09

Re: Restrict weapons for certain maps
Im interested in doing this... But the posts confuse me... its say many different ways and theres 2 files to download by KWo.

Im unsure which is working and which is the common method... I checked the current file for weapons and its not in the layout given above...

Someone please help me. Thanks

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