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paegus 09-27-2012 05:54

Admin rights system, set permissions per admin per server
So the About page at states that you can configure "Admin rights system, set permissions per admin per server" and there's a tracker entry at showing that this was implemented around 3 years ago.

Perhaps I'm being thick as mince but we just cannot figure this out.

I add an admin and get two LOVs for web permission groups and server permission groups. Also under a given admin's "edit groups" panel there is still just these two drop downs.

Presumably on either of these pages there should be separate drop downs to set the admin group for each linked server?

Perhaps We've just glossed over the appropriate config setting so any help would be greatly appreciated since google was less than helpful.

We are running v1.4.10:

Peace-Maker 09-27-2012 12:26

Re: Admin rights system, set permissions per admin per server
That's not possible with sb1.x. It's added in 2.0. That's what the target version says too in that tracker issue you linked to. 2.0 is unfinished though and there's not enough people left to finish it anytime soon.
I don't know why it's stated otherwise in that about page. I'll change that.

I'd like to take this further and discuss possible ways on how to realise per server permissions.

The way it's done in sb2.0:
  • Server Groups are removed
  • Servers can be assigned to Server Admin Groups
  • Admins can be assigned to multiple Server Admin Groups (now called Server Groups)
  • Individual permissions per admin for web/server are removed. You now manage everything through groups.
That concept allows to:
  • Assign different permissions of one admin for different servers.
    • Server Admin Group 1 (SAG) is assigned to Server 1 and SAG 2 to Server 2
    • SAG 1 and 2 both have different permissions
    • Admin is assigned to both SAGs
  • Have different groups on different servers
Any thoughts?

paegus 09-27-2012 13:25

Re: Admin rights system, set permissions per admin per server
Sounds like a working solution, if it ever gets implemented.

Though I think it may come across as simpler to do as I half-expected above: Keeping server groups (or some equivalent) and then when you add or edit an admin you get the the one web access group along with separate drop downs for each server group and separate drop downs for each server. Essentially merging the Edit Group and Edit Server Access pages as in the current iteration.

I can't see the database being any more or less efficient either way as you end up with the same data.

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