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DarkDeviL 11-12-2015 22:37

Re: [RELEASE] SourceBans++ (v1.5.3) [Updated: 2015-10-07]

Originally Posted by Trans_Am_00 (Post 2362518)
If i wanna use sb alone?

...then you shouldn't care about that commands at all.

ph 11-13-2015 07:55

Re: [RELEASE] SourceBans++ (v1.5.3) [Updated: 2015-10-07]
--- Please ignore. found my answer.

How do I :-

Disable In-game chat notification, that this player has been previously banned ?



[SourceBans] Warning: Player "lovkal |" has 1 previous SB bans on record.
How do I disable this message notification.

Trans_Am_00 11-13-2015 09:26

Re: [RELEASE] SourceBans++ (v1.5.3) [Updated: 2015-10-07]
i should also remove this command if i wanna use sb alone?

exec banned_user.cfg
exec banned_ip.cfg

DarkDeviL 11-13-2015 11:02

Re: [RELEASE] SourceBans++ (v1.5.3) [Updated: 2015-10-07]

Originally Posted by Trans_Am_00 (Post 2362637)
i should also remove this command if i wanna use sb alone?

exec banned_user.cfg
exec banned_ip.cfg

Then don't care about anything related to those files either, no matter what the commands are!

eric0279 11-16-2015 15:54

Re: [RELEASE] SourceBans++ (v1.5.3) [Updated: 2015-10-07]

Originally Posted by abrandnewday (Post 2354393)
I just realized that I had that same issue. Ignore it and just edit the config.php file and add in the info for these:

PHP Code:

define('STEAMAPIKEY','');                // Steam API Key for Shizz
define('SB_WP_URL','');                       //URL of SourceBans Site 

Basically SourceBans tries to take the info you pop in for the API key and URL and put them in the config but there's apparently some code missing somewhere so it fails to do so. Manually adding it in fixes the issue. API is for the OpenID Steam login, and the URL is also for that I believe.

As for you Zastrelis, I'd quote your post but the forum just brings up an empty white text box so I can't quote it for some reason, but see above for the fix.

And putting "UNDEFINED INDEX" in giant letters is NOT helpful in any way.

I have reinstalled sourcebans (latest version stable) and i get same error:

* config.php
* This file contains all of the configuration for the db
* that will
* @author SteamFriends Development Team
* @version 1.0.0
* @copyright SteamFriends (
* @package SourceBans
if(!defined('IN_SB')){echo 'You should not be here. Only follow links!';die();}

define('DB_HOST', 'localhost'); // The host/ip to your SQL server
define('DB_USER', 'sourcebans'); // The username to connect with
define('DB_PASS', '*********'); // The password
define('DB_NAME', 'sourcebans'); // Database name
define('DB_PREFIX', 'sb'); // The table prefix for SourceBans
define('DB_PORT','3306'); // The SQL port (Default: 3306)
define('STEAMAPIKEY',''); // Steam API Key for Shizz
define('SB_WP_URL',''); //URL of SourceBans Site

//define('DEVELOPER_MODE', true); // Use if you want to show debugmessages
//define('SB_MEM', '128M'); // Override php memory limit, if isn't enough (Banlist is just a blank page)

Notice: Undefined index: apikey in /usr/share/nginx/html/install/template/page.5.php on line 50

Notice: Undefined index: sb-wp-url in /usr/share/nginx/html/install/template/page.5.php on line 51

Sarabveer 11-17-2015 18:28

Re: [RELEASE] SourceBans++ (v1.5.3) [Updated: 2015-10-07]
I must be the only one who actually had the installer setup config.php correctly.

It worked fine for me, and I redid it so many times.

Server Info:
Apache/2.4.17 (Win64) OpenSSL/1.0.2d PHP/5.6.15

Maybe cause Linux is messing with something, cause all the errors are from Linux servers, is the config.php set to 777?

sneaK 11-17-2015 19:33

Re: [RELEASE] SourceBans++ (v1.5.3) [Updated: 2015-10-07]
I too had to manually input my Steam API key and URL post-installation. Not a huge deal, easy to identify and remedy.

eric0279 11-17-2015 20:27

Re: [RELEASE] SourceBans++ (v1.5.3) [Updated: 2015-10-07]
chmod 777 config.php for install, yes and back to 644 after.

driz 11-17-2015 22:19

Re: [RELEASE] SourceBans++ (v1.5.3) [Updated: 2015-10-07]

ijam_j 11-18-2015 00:59

Re: [RELEASE] SourceBans++ (v1.5.3) [Updated: 2015-10-07]
Banned user using this command in console


sm_addban STEAM_0:0:1873983 0 Dumb
i get this error


L 11/18/2015 - 12:41:40: [SM] Native "SQL_TQuery" reported: Invalid database Han
dle 0 (error: 4)
L 11/18/2015 - 12:41:40: [SM] Displaying call stack trace for plugin "sourcebans
L 11/18/2015 - 12:41:40: [SM]  [0]  Line 666, sourcebans.sp::CommandAddBan()

this is my error log


L 11/18/2015 - 11:50:30: [sourcebans.smx] Database failure: [1045]: Access denied for user 'sb'@'localhost' (using password: YES). See FAQ:
this is my database.cfg


                "driver"                        "mysql"
                "host"                                "" //not real ip
                "database"                        "sourcebans"
                "user"                                "user"
                "pass"                                "pass"
                //"timeout"                        "0"
                "port"                        "3306"

i dont remember setting username sb and localhost as ip. where do i fix that?

sourcemod site works and i can add servers. but i cant ban user.

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