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Natsheh 03-26-2017 08:50

Jailbreak MOD v2.5.5 (API SUPPORT) Stable.
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Description :- Jailbreak mod is a nice fun mod to play with friends its participate into 2 parts guards & prisoners, guards duties to make sure that prisoners wont rebel ( trying to kill the opposite team )
and they must rule the round and control it by playing the prisoners and commanding them to play mini games if one of them failed in the game etc ... they allowed to kill him in-order to make '1' prisoner alive so he can play the last request with the guards and end the round by all guards death or his death.

the mod includes special days too...

Preview :-

Installation :- (IMPORTANT)

extract all the files in the archives to your "cstrike/" folder compile all the sma,
Add all the plugins with '.amxx' TYPE after the compiling in the 'amxmodx/plugins/' folder after this operation you ready to play..

Features :-

you can configure any shop item, you will find everything in jailbreak_shop.ini file inside the configs folder which located in the amxmodx directory.

you can add skins for the gangs...
gangster skins are buy-able while the creation of the gang only.
you can add skins in the "gangs_skins.ini" file

You can add for each day/duel/event (DETECTED ONLY BY A JAILBREAK LOGMESSAGE) a sound, hudmessage or a chat message or even execute a server, client command, you can check JAILBREAK log messages by typing log on in server console, if is 1st parameter in the message is 'JAILBREAK' then its a detectable logmessage, there is no need to include JAILBREAK in the logmessage in the file.

* 'jailbreak_effects.ini' will be auto created!

for examples....

PHP Code:

type (log onin the server console to check out the log messages...
; [
Round Started] - log message should has the (0=JAILBREAKTAG
COMMAND "SERVER#sv_restart 1" // server command execution.
COMMAND "CLIENT#stopsound" // client command execution.
SOUND "sound/hello.wav"
SOUND "sound/welcome.wav"
HUDMSG_MESSAGE "!~ Welcome ~!"

[Last request is activated]
HUDMSG_MESSAGE "Last Request is activated!"

[Round has started]
CHAT_MESSAGE = !gHi !tits nice to meet you!y...... 

you can set spawns for each fun day sadly you need to do this manually but the editor spawns menu has much useful options you can use.

the command menu is : jb_days_spawn_editor.


You can customize your own classes.
check out configs/jailbreak_classes.ini

Syntax Format :-

[Class name]
TEAM = "GUARD", "PRISONERS", "ANY" // on both teams.
PRIMARY_WEAPON = "ak47,m4a1" // primary weapon items.
SECONDARY_WEAPON = "deagle,glock18" // secondary weapon items.
MODEL = "gign" or "terror" // class skin model
FLAGS = "" // Class admin flags
KNIFE_SOUNDS = "jailbreak/taser" // knife sounds directory, all the knife sounds should have the file name tag(taser) and its sequence format ex: taser_deploy1.wav
P_KNIFE = "models/jailbreak/p_taser.mdl" // players view knife model.
V_KNIFE = "models/jailbreak/v_taser.mdl" // view knife model.


v1.0 : Released.
v2.0 :
* Now you can add the shop items to be used during the days, each day can has its own items,
          check out the native register_jailbreak_shopitem(const name[], const info[], cost, team, bitsum_days = 0)!
          Added jailbreak_days_shopitems file so you can configure your items in which day to show!
* Alot of code optimized.
* Added voteday chosen day delaying cvar.
* Added New client say command's  ( say /eday, /eduel ).
* Added New forward ( jb_mm_itemadded )
v2.1 :
* Fixed alot of bugs, Gang members menu, Voteday menu(now it wont close automatically after choosing a funday), sound system.
* Bazooka Item Code Optimized.
* Added more natives ( jb_save_user_ingang, jb_set_user_ingang, jb_remove_user_fromgang, jb_load_user_ingang, jb_get_commander )
v2.2 :
* Added multilanguage support, fixed several bugs.
* Added new shop item Oxhit/Bullhit.
* Added commander effects, Added jb_deathmatch command to (en/dis)able deathmatch mode, respawn time controlled by jb_day_dm_respawn_time cvar, the command is disabled after a dm day!.
* Blocked weapons pick up on knife duel!
* Added new admin command to set up the cells button (say /set button) aim at the cells button
* Added the ability to give a class an access flag by putting this format in the classname *FLAG=accessflags(abcdef....)*
* Crashing Decreased upto 90%, few bugs fixed.
v2.2_fixed :
* Crashing Decreased upto 99.9%.
* Added new control mod for bazooka (Aiming target mod).
* Several bugs fixed.
* Added new command, jb_chicken <name/#id/@c/@t/@a> CMD Info : transfer player/s into a chicken or back to human + Added chicken sounds!
v2.3 :

* Alot of features has been added.
* Fixed alot of bugs.
* Changed configuration methods. ( Check out jailbreak.ini / jailbreak_shop.ini / jailbreak_classes ) for more information.
* Added more natives and forwards...
v2.4 :

* Added a freeday guy out of minigames.
* Fixed a few bugs.
* Changed jb_sound_system into jb_effects_system, for more information check out the ini file (jailbreak_effects.ini).
* Added more two natives,

PHP Code:




// hook jailbreak logmessages /* return logmessage index */
native register_jailbreak_logmessages(const function[], const logmessage[])

// write a jailbreak logmessage its catchable by hooking with register_jailbreak_logmessages
native jb_logmessage(const logmessage[]) 





* Changed commander heal command to dropping medkits usable for healing, by pressing 'E' on the medkit.
v2.5 :

* Alot of major changes, and additions.
# v2.5.1 : Just Fixed a bug in the jb_days_spawns
# v2.5.2 : Fixed few errors, now LRmenu will open for the one and only terrorist on spawn if there was a ct, The mod now is not stable.
v2.5.3 :

* Minigames Bugs are all now fixed!
* Added Soccer Minigame comes along with a deathball if the minigame was free for all.
* Added HUDMessages to display player team in the minigame.
* Added a Counter for Last request game.
* More Commands were Added.
v2.5.4 :

* Fixed jb_cells native wasn't returning the index of cells button, fixed auto reviving when jb_deathmatch is active!
v2.5.5 :
  • Added Shop item zombie pet an NPC (protect/follow) you.

  • Fixed gang model bug.

  • Fixed Adding external classes using API.

  • Fixed/Optimized soccer ball physics.

  • Fixed a bug in friendlyfire during specified special/fun days.


WiLS - for the [CS] Player Models API include file.
Major victory - for bazooka.
AMX TEAM - for the amxmodx module.
MeRcyLeZZ - for the zombie effect messages
shine771 - for the w_money_new.mdl :S
Arkshine - Cvar Util, round terminator, infinite round




* CMDS *

Client Commands :-


jb_days_spawn_editor                              // Days Spawns Editor menu.
amx_gangsmenu                                      // Shows the admin gangs panel ( FLAG : ADMIN_IMMUNITY ) !
jb_freeday_menu                                      // Shows the admin the freeday menu.
+paint                                                  // Start painting

Say Commands :-

say /set <noclip/armor/godmode/gravity/hp/health> <@a/@c/@t/#userid/name> <amount>
say (/transfer||/trans) <@a/@c/@t/playerID/playerNAME> <@c/@t/@s>
say /revive <@a/@c/@s/@s/@ad - revive all dead players/@aa revive all alive players/etc..>
say /cash <set/give/take> <name> <amount>                //Admin Command
say /donate <name> <amount>              // donate user an amount of money!
say /cash  <player>  // check user/player money.
say /set <button/cells> // aim on the cells button inorder to specified the cells button.
say /eday  // ADMIN access, end a playing day!
say /eduel // ADMIN access, end a playing duel!
say /lr    // for last prisoner alive only
say /day    /// admins only to start a fun day...
say /vd      //  start a votedays event
say /donate <name> <cash>  // donate client cash/money...
say /class    // change your class...
say /open    // open or close the cells.
say /close  // to close the cells.
say /command, command, !command // be or leave the commanding of the guards team AKA Warden!.
say /cd <1-15>                              // to start a count down... ( For Commander )
say /cam                            // to change the view camera
say /soccer                        // to configure the soccer field, ball and goals spawns.
say /createball                    // creates a ball.
say /hg                              // configure hungergame spawns.

Console Commands :-


jb_give_bazooka <name/@a/@c/@t> <ammo>          // give's a player or all or a specified team a bazooka!
jb_give_suicidebomb <name/@a/@c/@t>                    // gives a suicidebomb to all or a specified team or a player.
amx_allowmic <name/@a/@t/@c>  <1/0>                  // gives a client/clients ability to talk the whole map.
jb_deathmatch                              // enable/disable the deathmatch mode, this command is nolonger enabled after the deathmatch day ends.
amx_paints <name>                // give's a player the ability to use paint (+paint)
jb_chicken <name/@a/@c/@t> <1/0>            // transfer player/s to a chicken or back to human! (Name is Case-sensitive)
jb_hulk <name/@a/@c/@t> <1/0>            // transfer player/s to a hulk or back to human! (Name is Case-sensitive)

* CMDS *


HamletEagle 03-26-2017 08:54

Re: Jailbreak MODE + API
Remove the amxx files from the archive.

Natsheh 03-26-2017 09:00

Re: Jailbreak MODE + API

Originally Posted by HamletEagle (Post 2506898)
Remove the amxx files from the archive.

Done Secured!

Fuck For Fun 03-26-2017 13:57

Re: Jailbreak MODE + API
GJ BRO, Thank for release!!

D3XT3R 03-26-2017 14:20

Re: Jailbreak MODE + API
Look NICE! going testing it! to notice you with any bugs he has!
Thanx for realise it !!!

Natsheh 03-26-2017 14:21

Re: Jailbreak MODE + API

Originally Posted by D3XT3R (Post 2506962)
Look NICE! going testing it! to notice you with any bugs he has!
Thanx for realise it !!!


yas17sin 03-26-2017 14:41

Re: Jailbreak MODE + API
Gj & nice mod, i love the jailbreak gameplay.

Natsheh 04-14-2017 15:49

Re: Jailbreak MODE + API
1 Attachment(s)
* JB CTBan *

Description :-

* Ban users from CT!


* Command : jb_banct <name/partofname/#id> <length in seconds/ 0 for permanent!>


v1.0: Released!
v1.1: Code Optimized & fixed few bugs !
v1.2: Fixed inform messages!
v1.3: Time displaying now in hours, minutes & seconds!

hornet 04-16-2017 04:37

Re: Jailbreak MODE + API
Correct me if I'm wrong, is this the same as this? (I don't have all my old downloads anymore :| and you got rid of the old plugins )

Natsheh 04-16-2017 09:03

Re: Jailbreak MODE + API

Originally Posted by hornet (Post 2512634)
Correct me if I'm wrong, is this the same as this? (I don't have all my old downloads anymore :| and you got rid of the old plugins )

No it wasnt the same at all if you want ill attach it, i still has it
Was 1 plugin and didnt had alot of features

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