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clug 04-01-2018 12:50

[INC] sm-json

Hi guys,
I wasn't happy with the current solutions for creating objects nor classes in SourcePawn, and didn't really love how the existing JSON extensions worked either. The git readme will give plenty of examples as to how it works, but I've done my best to follow the JSON standard (minus a few discrepancies - see readme for details).

Hopefully someone finds it as useful as I have - we've been running a stats plugin that builds JSON objects for everything without any noticeable performance hit (20 bots shooting non-stop handling player_hurt events).

Feedback is appreciated.


Drixevel 04-01-2018 15:23

Re: [INC] sm-json
I'll port one of my projects to use this, I"ll let you know how that goes. (looks very good)

OfficialSikari 05-16-2018 03:37

Re: [INC] sm-json
FYI, your conflicts with smlib include (String_StartsWith & String_EndsWith)

clug 09-03-2018 23:42

Re: [INC] sm-json

Originally Posted by OfficialSikari (Post 2592399)
FYI, your conflicts with smlib include (String_StartsWith & String_EndsWith)

Thanks for that, fixed :)

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