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JiwanFilembar 07-01-2022 02:48

CSDM specialist
I got 1800 hours in CSGO. I am barely Supreme Master.

I just realized. I don't wanna play face it / ESEA or really even matchmaking anymore. What I want is play CSDM. Play LOTS Of it.

Just today alone I played 11 hours of CSDM and I only stopped because my arm hurts.

What will happen if I play only CSDM on highest level (EU, BrutalCSDM, it has the most pros)? Will I ever by this way manage to be on same level IN CSDM as pro's are?

Currently I have much much much voojio lower KDR than pro's have at Brutal. If I only play CSDM will my KDR become better than theirs?

What will happen with this start?

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