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Infamanious 06-22-2022 22:24

Can metamod plugins be malware?
Is it possible for metamod plugins to inject malicious code into your system and act like a backdoor?
Could someone determine whether or not open source code on github is malicious by just taking a glance at it? How do you know if the current release build is actually built from the master git?

When i use programs from github i check for the users statistics to see if they have alot of commendations or favorites before executing their code on my system. There are so many programmers out their addicted to infiltrating peoples systems with illegal intent (blackhats) i cant help but be a little paranoid when it comes to hosting a server.

DJEarthQuake 06-28-2022 04:13

Re: Can metamod plugins be malware?
yes. That is why NEVER run as root.

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