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yellowblood 10-07-2016 09:56

My maps - final versions (baseball, octagon, etc.) and FewGoodMen

I've created a few dodgeball maps some years ago and I think it's time to release them as final versions, without the annoying suffixes that get everyone confused and cause version collisions.

So, here they are:
  • tfdb_baseball
  • tfdb_octagon
  • tfdb_float
  • tfdb_spacebox
  • tfdb_rows
(rows sucks, I know)

You can download them all here:

There's also this FewGoodMen plugin I've written. It basically moves, on each round's ending, the worst player from the winning team to the losing team. It means that if a strong player keeps winning and winning, he will end up alone in his team against everybody else. Pretty cool.

You can also download the FewGoodMen plugin from here:

Have fun and let me know if there're any issues.

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