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luciaus18 01-12-2021 18:40

map change bug
Hello! I'm using one plugin for maps: dmc233.

Sometimes when the map is changed automatically after the vote, everything get stuck and I'm hearing after 1 minute the countdown for map change. Still nothing happens, I just have the tab with the score and I'm on the same map waiting the map to be changed.

If I rejoin server, when I'm entering I don't have the team menu, so I press M. When I press M it says that teams are full and I still can't do anything, I can write on the chat, that's all.

After 1 minute or 2, server is changing another random map and everything works again.

Anyone have any idea? I give you every detail that you need but please help me to fix that.

Video, as much as I could get:

fysiks 01-14-2021 00:38

Re: map change bug
If you have an issue with a plugin, you'll be better off if you post where you got the plugin. I'm not even sure what plugin you're talking about. If after posting there you are unable to get a response (recommended wait time is two weeks). If you don't get a response there then post in the requests section and provide a link to the thread containing the plugin. If it's not in these forums, attach the .sma file to your post.

luciaus18 01-14-2021 05:50

Re: map change bug
This is the plugin:

I'm not sure this is the problem. I can post the whole list of plugins if needed

Snake. 01-14-2021 06:55

Re: map change bug
It happens because of mp_chattime as i know This might help you

luciaus18 01-14-2021 09:32

Re: map change bug
I"ll try. Thank you so much dude

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