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JonasQ 01-16-2012 13:44

[Nuclear Dawn] Problem setting up MM
EDIT: Ignore everything below. I'm a complete idiot. :< (I had put metamod.vdf in the metamod folder instead of the addons folder itself - moved it, and it all works fine now! Hooray!)


I've recently decided to set up a ND server and, although the server itself runs fine, I can't seem to get MetaMod to work with it properly (and, thus, Sourcemod aswell)
The directory the "main" folders are in (addons/cfg/maps etc.) is this:

Metamod directory is thus:

However, when the server is booted up or restarted, it dosn't seem to load MetaMod (and, due to this, then spews out a bunch of errors related to invalid cvars for sourcemod)
"meta version" results in "Unknown command: meta" etc.
The metamod.vdf contains the following:

    "file"    "/home/nukem/srcds_l/nucleardawn/nucleardawn/addons/metamod/bin/"

I've really got no ideas left as to what to do, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Server is running CentOS, and I can provide any other information required.

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