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zmd94 07-20-2014 12:59

Weapons War v7.5 (26 Weapons)
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Weapons War v7.5
(26 Weapons)


It is Weapons war!

The idea:

This plugin will allow any player that have access to start a weapon war or voting for war round.

In weapons war round, all players will use the same weapon.

It just for fun. Thats all!
List of admin flags:
How to start a Weapons War?

Just say /ww in your chat.

How to start a vote?

Just say /wvote in you chat. Next, just choose which weapon that you want to vote. ;)

How to start a consecutive round?

Just say /cw in you chat. If you want to disable it, just say the same word again!

How to install?
1. Just download cs_war.sma file. Next, compile it.

2. Please download cs_war.txt file also. Then, put it in the lang folder.

3. Thats it!

This plugin is different from other weapons round plugin:
1. Easy to install. Just 2 steps!

2. Now, you can start a vote for any weapons.

3. There is 26 different weapons to choose.

4. No need to worry about losing of money or weapons. This plugin will not strip your previous weapon. Yet, it will only force you to use the choosen weapon in the war round.

5. If you are alive until the end of round, you still have the weapon from previous weapons war round. It is a gift! Or you also can strip that weapon when the weapon war round is finished. Just edit the cvar. ;)

6. In weapons war round, you can configure whether to allow player to drop or pick up current war weapon or just disable this feature.

7. If players is allow to drop their weapon during war round, only current war weapon can be used. Other weapons will be malfunction.

8. Player can have custom killer view feature.

9. There is an option for you to choose whether to allow unlimited bullet during weapons war round.

10. There is an option for you to choose whether to show hud about current weapons war round.

11. Now, you can allow auto-war vote or auto-war start.

12. Adding custom natives and forwards for any coders to modify the gameplay.

13. Auto-respawn feature. ;)

14. Consecutive round. Now, admin can start consecutive war round. In this round, admin cannot open weapon war or vote menu.

15. Now, you can start custom war round. Just download custom_war.sma to see how I'm using the new natives. ;)

16. This plugin also supported multi-lingual.

So, I would love if anyone can help me to translate the word into their language. Just visit here to help me to translate it:
Weapons War (Developer Mode):

Just visit below thread:


1. xPaw for code helping.
2. HamletEagle for suggestions.
3. Exolent[jNr] for code helping.
4. ConnorMcLeod for his code.

amnezia 07-20-2014 13:23

Re: Addon: Free Grenade (ZP compatible) v1.0
nice one :)

Just4Games 07-20-2014 15:17

Re: Addon: Free Grenade (ZP compatible) v1.0
It's good but why would this be requested?
In CS 1.6 (no ZP mode) i understand but why in ZP?
You get grenades after you choose your weapons.

zmd94 07-20-2014 15:22

Weapons War (Developer Mode)
3 Attachment(s)
Weapons War
(Developer Mode) file?

So, this is the list of natives and forwards:
For example, just download the war_trail.sma file to see how to use them. ;)

Custom Weapon War?

Just see custom_war.sma file. ;)
How to use the API?
PHP Code:

// Below is how to get current weapon war round as global string? 

// String
new g_sCurrentWar[32]

// Just use native cs_current_war(const szWarName[], iLen) inside cs_fw_war_start() forward. ;)

client_print(0print_chat"Voting Auto-Shotgun round!")

// Below is how to use cs_fw_war_start() forward.
public cs_fw_war_start()
// Below is how to get current weapon war round. ;)
    // Just use native cs_current_war(const szWarName[], iLen);
new sCurrentWar[32]
client_print(0print_chat"Now is Auto-Shotgun round!")

// Below is how to use cs_fw_vote_start() forward.
public cs_fw_war_end()
client_print(0print_chat"End of war!")

// Below is how to use cs_fw_vote_start() forward.
public cs_fw_vote_start()
client_print(0print_chat"Please vote now!")

// Below is how to use cs_fw_vote_end() forward.
public cs_fw_vote_end()
client_print(0print_chat"End of voting!")

// Below is how to use cs_is_point_leader(id) native.
public fw_PlayerRespawn(id)
// If point leader still in server after war round. Just tell about it again. ;)
client_print(0print_chat"[WW] %s is points leader!"szName)

API Example?

Just download the war_trail.sma file to see how to use them.

Then, open the war_trail.sma file to configure the trail color:
PHP Code:

    g_iWarTrail register_cvar("ww_allow_trail""1"// Allow player trail during war round
g_iCTAdminTrail register_cvar("ww_CT_admin_trail""0 255 0"// Trail color for CT admin
g_iTAdminTrail register_cvar("ww_T_admin_trail""255 127 0"// Trail color for T admin
g_iCTTrail register_cvar("ww_CT_trail""0 0 255"// Trail color for CT player
g_iTTrail register_cvar("ww_T_trail""255 0 0"// Trail color for T player 


Codes now is at GitHub:

DonKisgot 07-20-2014 16:58

Re: Addon: Free Grenade (ZP compatible) v1.0
Nice plugin. I'll make a little request if you mind :) ,

Can you make a cvar for only admins get grenade after killing player (for cs. (not zp)) if this cvar is on only admins will get free grenade after killing each player.

zmd94 07-20-2014 18:20

Re: Addon: Free Grenade (ZP compatible) v1.0

Originally Posted by DonKisgot (Post 2170995)
Can you make a cvar for only admins get grenade after killing player?

I will update it. Thank you for the suggestion.

DonKisgot 07-20-2014 18:50

Re: Addon: Free Grenade (ZP compatible) v1.0
Thanks. Waiting your update. btw I translated in Turkish.

MENU_1 = Normal Bomba Paketi
MENU_2 = El Bombasi
MENU_3 = Flash Bombasi
ZP_MENU_1 = Normal Bomba Paketi
ZP_MENU_2 = Ates Bombasi
ZP_MENU_3 = Dondurucu Bomba

Brian_Chino77 07-20-2014 18:52

Re: Addon: Free Grenade (ZP compatible) v1.0
Good Addon! :up:
Maybe not like what i supposed, but thanks for helping :up:

PS: Can you make like Buy primary > Secondary > Grenade (show by list) ? :D

zmd94 07-20-2014 19:21

Re: Addon: Free Grenade (ZP compatible) v2.0
New update!

v2.0 - [ADDED] Grenade bonus for admin only after killing a victim.
It is as requested by DonKisgot.

Language is updated. Thank you to DonKisgot.

Can you make like Buy primary > Secondary > Grenade (show by list)?
Maybe, I will try later.

zmd94 07-20-2014 22:27

Re: Addon: Free Grenade (ZP compatible) v2.2
New update!

v2.2 - [ADDED] Multilingual supported.

MENU_1 = Normal Packs of Grenades
MENU_2 = HE Grenade
MENU_3 = Flashbang
ZP_MENU_1 = Normal Packs of Grenades
ZP_MENU_2 = Fire Grenade
ZP_MENU_3 = Frost Grenade

ADVERTISE_1 = You can receive free grenades.
ADVERTISE_2 = Just say /freegrenade, then a Free Grenade menu will be opened.

WORD_1 = You have receive a normal packs of grenades.
WORD_2 = You have receive a HE grenades.
WORD_3 = You have receive a flashbang.
WORD_4 = You have receive a HE grenade for killing.
WORD_5 = You have receive a flashbang for killing.

ZP_WORD_2 = You have receive a fire grenades.
ZP_WORD_3 = You have receive a frost grenades.
ZP_WORD_4 = You have receive a fire grenade for killing.
ZP_WORD_5 = You have receive a frost grenade for killing.

ADMIN_ACCESS = Only admin can use this command.
Feel free to translate it into your language.

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