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Marcus_Brown001 12-25-2012 12:52

[NMRiH] Everyone Respawns (v1.0.2, 12/08/13)
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[NMRiH] Everyone Respawns (v1.0.2, 12/08/13)

Plugin Background:
For those who have played No More Room In Hell, you know that when you die you do not respawn for some time. I was able to fix half of that problem at least. This plugin will not work on any objective maps, but it does allow for instant-like respawns on a survival map. It is rather simple really, when you die, if you do not have enough credits to respawn on your own, it gives you one, and thus, you respawn.

Plugin Information:
This plugin has no commands inside it. All it does is set the amount of tokens a player has when he dies. When I first created this plugin, it worked inside both Survival and Objective maps, however, with one of the many updates since then, it will not. I repeat, this plugin will not work on an objective map. I have tested it for a some time on my servers, and I have not had any issues with it. For those who say it works sometimes and others not, if you can recreate the scenario please let me know.

*Special Note* You need to have the include provided to compile this plugin. The uploaded zip has everything you need in it! Thanks to Chanz for creating the include.

MaloModo 03-27-2013 01:23

Re: [NMRiH] Everyone Respawns
Does this still work?

gringos 03-27-2013 05:53

Re: [NMRiH] Everyone Respawns

On my server, it sometimes does, but a lot of times it doesnt and players get: "Waiting for respawn point" message. Sometimes retry in console allows them to respawn.
I hope this plugin can be rewritten, because it's frustrating that players have to wait long after dying.

MaloModo 03-27-2013 12:31

Re: [NMRiH] Everyone Respawns
Yeah I fired up a server last night and tried it.....unlimited ammo plugin seems to work fine but this one not so much. At least on objective maps. Tried changing a few cvars but no luck.

gringos 03-27-2013 16:55

Re: [NMRiH] Everyone Respawns
Same here, Unlimited Ammo plugin works fine, but this one sometimes does and most of the time doesn't.Sometimes when a retry (reconnect) is done it works, but mostly not. I hope there will be another solution, i don't want to use god mode, because then it's not challenging anymore.

bhunji 11-14-2013 14:05

Re: [NMRiH] Everyone Respawns
Here is some limit cvar about respawn with cheat flag.
tested v1.07

sm_cvar mp_disable_respawn_times 0
//: 0 : , "sv", "nf", "rep" :
sm_cvar mp_enableroundwaittime 1
//: 1 : , "sv", "rep" : Enable timers to wait between rounds.
sm_cvar mp_forcerespawn 1
//: 1 : , "sv", "nf" :
//mp_forcerespawnplayers : cmd : : Force all players to respawn. this need sv_cheats 1.......
sm_cvar mp_waitingforplayers_restart 0
//: 0 : , "sv" : Set to 1 to start or restart the WaitingForPlayers period.
sm_cvar mp_waitingforplayers_time 1
//: 0 : , "sv" : WaitingForPlayers time length in seconds
sm_cvar sv_spawn_grace 1
//: 180 : , "sv", "rep" : Time after a round starts in which players are allowed to spawn
sm_cvar sv_spawn_grace_objectivecount 999
//: 2 : , "sv", "cheat", "rep" : Number of objectives completed after which players cannot respawn.
sm_cvar sv_first_aid_heal_amt 100
//: 30 : , "sv", "cheat", "rep" : Amount of health a first aid kit heals.
sm_cvar sv_kills_per_token 1
//: 20 : , "sv", "rep" : Number of zombie kills per respawn token (extinction mode)

use sm_cvar to force value change , no necessary sv_cheats 1.
it's a way to get revive working on NMO map.
but still need to reconnect........
if want a advanced respawn,may create some respawn point and connect to objective.
because i can't find respawn function to revive immediately by now.

Other way is find entity classname of info_player_nmrih and using AcceptEntityInput , Like this (Some code from SMLIB)

new entity = -1
if((entity = Entity_FindByClassName(entity, "info_player_nmrih")) != INVALID_ENT_REFERENCE){
        AcceptEntityInput(entity, "RespawnPlayers", -1, -1, 0);

As long as an info_player_nmrih enable (InputEnable) ,people almost revive immediately ,but sometimes not.
when there is no enabled info_player_nmrih to revive , it's closed by objective (InputDisable)
i got that input name from decompile nmo maps.
RespawnPlayers is always repawn everyone,change player team to 1 (SDK Spectator) will avoid respawn.

Sev 12-07-2013 22:17

Re: [NMRiH] Everyone Respawns
Seems to work fine in Survival mode.

But in objective mode, I don't see where it works beyond what the NMRIH Dev team builds in for the respawns on map.

Unless it works based on connecting, leaving, the reconnecting or only briefly after the spawn area has been breached.

Marcus_Brown001 12-08-2013 14:04

Re: [NMRiH] Everyone Respawns (v1.0.2, 12/08/13)
I updated the plugin a little bit; it has needed it for some time. I did not change how it goes about respawning, I just made it a little neater. Anyways, this method will no longer work on an objective map. When the plugin was first created, it worked on both maps, but now it doesn't. I have tested it for a little while on survival maps, and it works just fine. If you get the "Waiting for spawn point" it means that the zombies have over-run your spawn point, and it will not spawn you.

Since this method does not work on an objective map, I have made the plugin disable itself when an objective map is loaded.

khanhtruong777 12-12-2013 23:24

Re: [NMRiH] Everyone Respawns (v1.0.2, 12/08/13)
Hey, i think your plugin could still work in objective maps, these maps have more than one spawn area, you just need to wait till the alive players clear the next area, and you can spawn there. Ex: A small cafe in nmo_broadway, the chaple in nmo_toxteth, some room in nmo_lakeside, or any safe area with no zombie nearby.

As bhunji said, I tried these two cvars and it works, but you need to exit and reconnect. Hope you can make it instant respawn. :)
sm_cvar sv_spawn_grace 6000
sm_cvar sv_spawn_grace_objectivecount 100

Marcus_Brown001 12-13-2013 17:42

Re: [NMRiH] Everyone Respawns (v1.0.2, 12/08/13)
I don't know if it is possible to do inside of NMRiH, and I do know that I do not have the knowledge to actually respawn someone. All this plugin does it give someone a 'credit' which the game sees and then respawns them. That is why it only works inside of a survival map.

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