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Lodar 12-03-2018 18:13

I export and download the hlstats database.
Then i try open it with DB Browser for SQLite, and have this problem:

Where i can find this encrypt key? I have acces to all file.

NomisCZ 12-07-2018 11:47

Re: database
maybe in database.cfg, but I don't understand how you can use this type (sqlite) of database for HLStatsX. :? :shock:

Lodar 12-07-2018 16:36

Re: database
No, i use normal MySQL database :D
I use DB Browser only for open .sql file

NomisCZ 12-07-2018 17:00

Re: database
You can open it in text editor (eg. Notepad++, Visual Code), sql files aren't encrypted.

Sqlite DB browser maybe doesn't recognize sql format.

Connect directly to your database server (probably MySQL) - or PHPMyAdmin/Adminer

SQLite vs SQL -

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