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ekotek 12-24-2007 17:19

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
yes i found them, just removed quotes...

now everything is installed but the servere is not slaping onyone, just shows black screen, even it does not take 10% money?

those are settings when i check console
1 Slap
2 Health Reduction
4 *Sound (Snore)
8 *Blind
16 Money Reduction
32 Snark

Mordekay 12-24-2007 17:33

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
These number are additional
So if you want money reducemen(16)+, blind (8)+ and snore sound(4)(=28 ) you must set

badcamper_punish 28
into you amxx.cfg

ekotek 12-24-2007 17:40

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
dodx (required if running DoD)
tfcx (required if running TFC)

i dont have those two modules? i cant find them in module folder...

i added badcamper_punish 28, and restarted server and still the same...

Brad 12-24-2007 22:04

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
Are you running either of those mods? If not, you wouldn't find them.

Mordekay 12-28-2007 05:06

Re: Bad Camper 1.4

Originally Posted by Mordekay (Post 546419)
I wonder if this noone else has noticed. It seems the plugin is mixing the languages.
If i spectate someone the campmeter is in the users language instead of mine.

Any news about this? I know it is not that important, just cosmetic, but it is very irritating if you see swedish instead of german for example^^

Brad 12-28-2007 10:52

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
Search for this line in the SMA:
ShowSyncHudMsg(id_spectator, g_campMeterMsgSync, "%L", id, "CAMP_METER", g_meter[id]);

Replace it with this line:
ShowSyncHudMsg(id_spectator, g_campMeterMsgSync, "%L", id_spectator, "CAMP_METER", g_meter[id]);

I'll add this change to the next release of the plugin.

clanitc 01-09-2008 07:36

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
cant you tell me where and how can i make a CONFIGURATION of this plugin? i have aready install it in my server. Thanks!

jupsu3 02-18-2008 16:18

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
How i can modify this plugin?? like after 3min camp plugin strart slaps etc.

Brad 02-19-2008 10:14

Re: Bad Camper 1.4

Originally Posted by clanitc (Post 572114)
cant you tell me where and how can i make a CONFIGURATION of this plugin? i have aready install it in my server. Thanks!

Hi. Watch this little light here... *

Okay, good. You no longer need to know how to make a CONFIGURATION of this plugin because you've read the AMX Mod X documentation regarding plugins and with that knowledge, you instinctively figured out how to configure this plugin and this is one huge run-on sentence.


Originally Posted by jupsu3 (Post 586843)
How i can modify this plugin?? like after 3min camp plugin strart slaps etc.

Seriously? Wow. Read the first page of this thread. It actually gives you helpful information just like what you're asking. Hint: pay attention to the "Options (CVARs)" section.

pezukero 04-01-2008 16:43

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
Dear, im spanish... so sorry for my poor english languaje.

Ok, i have one problem, or two, for be rigths.

The fisrt one, is when i start my server, the bad camper appear RUNNING, but in game, not appear, and no appear camper meter....

I put bad_camper.amxx in amxmod--->plugins
The music---> sound--->misc
The text--->Data--->lang

So... in configs--->plugin. I put ON the bad camper, i install cstrike and csx, in mi no steam server dedicated internet....

In game, i can see, how the bad camper appear in amx menu, (admin) RUNNING or ON... but no work....

Please, i need help.... :(

I say again, sorry for my bad english :P

hcxx 04-03-2008 02:26

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
dose this work in Half-Life Deathmatch to?

Mordekay 04-03-2008 09:24

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
Modification: ALL
Yes, it should work for HL DM too, but of couse no money reduction punishment.

pezukero 04-03-2008 12:40

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
First, SORRY FOR SPAM in the last times, i cant see the modders messaje... im new.. sorry really :S

I have 1 problem with the bad_camper 1.4. Please, say me what i must do for runn that plugin.
I paste in amxmod-->models | Then, I active in configs-->plugins
I paste sound
I paste .txt in Data--->Lang
Well, I Install the modules csx and cstrike in amxmod--> modules | And I active in configs--> modules. I have this:
I start my server, and plugin ruun, yeah, but only in letters ( I put in game, admins menu, plugins... and it appear WORKING), but in game, with friends when we playing, not appear camp meter or any other action for bad_camper.
In console, I put amxx cvars, and that is appear:

[ 37] badcamper_version 1.4 beta bad_camper.amxx
[ 38] badcamper_debug 0 bad_camper.amxx
[ 39] badcamper_punish 12 bad_camper.amxx
[ 40] badcamper_limit 35 bad_camper.amxx
[ 41] badcamper_display 1 bad_camper.amxx
[ 42] badcamper_check_all 1 bad_camper.amxx
[ 43] badcamper_start 4.0 bad_camper.amxx
[ 44] badcamper_damage_reset 3 bad_camper.amxx
[ 45] badcamper_damage_restar 4.0 bad_camper.amxx
[ 46] badcamper_health 10 bad_camper.amxx
[ 47] badcamper_money 10 bad_camper.amxx
[ 48] badcamper_min_players 0 bad_camper.amxx
[ 49] badcamper_allow 0 bad_camper.amxx
[ 50] badcamper_announce 3 bad_camper.amxx
[ 51] badcamper_sound 1 bad_camper.amxx
[ 52] badcamper_immunity_flag bad_camper.amxx
[ 53] badcamper_show_spec 1 bad_camper.amxx
I put meta list... :

[ 1] AMX Mod X RUN - amxmodx_mm.dll v1.76d ini ANY ANY
[ 2] STATSME RUN - sm_cstrike_mm.dl v2.6.16 ini Pause Pause
[ 3] HLGuard RUN - hlguard_mm.dll v1.8 ini Chlvl Chlvl
[ 4] Booster RUN - booster_686_mm.d v2.40 ini Chlvl Pause
[ 5] Fun RUN - fun_amxx.dll v1.76 pl1 ANY ANY
[ 6] FakeMeta RUN - fakemeta_amxx.dl v1.76d pl1 ANY ANY
[ 7] CStrike RUN - cstrike_amxx.dll v1.76 pl1 ANY ANY
[ 8] CSX RUN - csx_amxx.dll v1.8.0.3 pl1 ANY ANY
I put amxx plugin:

[ 22] Bad Camper 1.4 bet Brad Jones bad_camper.amxx running
and thats appear!!! but dont work!!! Im dessespered T,,T.

PLEASE HELP, Is very important for me this plugin.

hcxx 04-03-2008 15:50

Re: Bad Camper 1.4

Originally Posted by Mordekay (Post 606066)
Modification: ALL
Yes, it should work for HL DM too, but of couse no money reduction punishment.

Dosent work :( amx_plugins says

unknown unknown unknown bad_camper.amxx bad load

pezukero 04-03-2008 16:22

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
Please contest me

Mordekay 04-04-2008 01:13

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
@hcxx use amxx list instead of amx_plugins. This will show in most cases why the plugin is not started.

@pezukero are you running a non-steam server?

hcxx 04-04-2008 02:06

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
whit amxx list its says this

unknown unknown unknown bad_camper.amxx bad load
( 19) Load fails: Plugin file open error (plugin "bad_camper.amxx")

I donwload compiled version of this plugin, I dident edit that.

Arkshine 04-04-2008 02:09

Re: Bad Camper 1.4

Plugin file open error
That's speaking.

bad_camper.amxx doesn't exist in your plugins/ directory.

Either you have forget to upload the .amxx file, either the plugin is incorrectly named.

pezukero 04-04-2008 10:03

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
Yes, i use no-steam, why?

Mordekay 04-04-2008 10:12

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
no steam = no support

Get the game if you want support for it.

pezukero 04-04-2008 10:19

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
I not undestand, if i use hl dedicated server...

i dont understand support, can you teach me?

Arkshine 04-04-2008 10:55

Re: Bad Camper 1.4

Originally Posted by pezukero (Post 606467)
I not undestand, if i use hl dedicated server...

i dont understand support, can you teach me?

pezukero 04-04-2008 11:16

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
So... I cant include the bad camper plugin in mi no steam server?

Brad 04-04-2008 13:21

Re: Bad Camper 1.4

Originally Posted by pezukero (Post 606495)
So... I cant include the bad camper plugin in mi no steam server?

Well, it appears that you are incapable of including this plugin on your non-Steam server. Please let this matter drop and stop polluting my plugin's thread.

hcxx 04-04-2008 14:18

Re: Bad Camper 1.4

Originally Posted by arkshine (Post 606384)
That's speaking.

bad_camper.amxx doesn't exist in your plugins/ directory.

Either you have forget to upload the .amxx file, either the plugin is incorrectly named.

lol my bad, now its working. but the camp meter dosent work :/ the camp meter dosent start counting and dosent slap at all :|

Mordekay 04-04-2008 15:11

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
hcxx are you using non-steam too?

hcxx 04-04-2008 15:20

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
no, btw I have notice that amx_imessage doset work as well in hldm :/

Brad 04-04-2008 15:49

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
I'm not aware of what HLDM is, exactly. I know it's Half Life Death Match, but beyond that I'm pretty clueless. Can you link me to it?

hcxx 04-05-2008 05:10

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
yes HLDM is Half-Life Deathmatch

I'm using thows settings

// Bad camper

badcamper_punish 2
badcamper_sound 1
badcamper_limit 5
badcamper_display 2
badcamper_show_spec 0
badcamper_check_all 1
badcamper_start 1
badcamper_damage_reset 3
badcamper_min_players 0
badcamper_health 25
badcamper_announce 3

every things seems to work fine but that plugin dosent work :/ the

Brad 04-07-2008 10:55

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
I've got good and not so good news. The good news is that If HLDM is what Valve has listed as "Deathmatch Classic" on my system, I'd be able to fairly quickly and easily get this plugin working for it. The not so good news is that, due to my limited amount of time, someone would have to pay me to do it.

hcxx 04-07-2008 14:04

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
No HLDM is not Deathmatch Classic, Its just default Half-Life 1 nothing more

Mordekay 04-07-2008 14:59

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
It is the same like counterstrike deathmatch, just the original half-life models, weapons and maps

Brad 04-07-2008 15:47

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
Okay, well, I also have HL1 and the same thing applies. If any of my plugins don't work for a specific mod, including HL1, I won't work on making it work unless someone is paying me to do it. Again, lack of time.

spiderbites 04-22-2008 02:51

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
brad i got bunch of errors like this while in inferno map


L 04/22/2008 - 11:45:10: [AMXX] Displaying debug trace (plugin "bad_camper.amxx")
L 04/22/2008 - 11:45:10: [AMXX] Run time error 4: index out of bounds
L 04/22/2008 - 11:45:10: [AMXX] [0] 4022.attach::check_camping (line 596)

settings that i use:

// Bad Camper
badcamper_limit 30
badcamper_start 6
badcamper_punish 26
badcamper_sound 1
badcamper_announce 3

any idea?

Brad 04-22-2008 10:31

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
If it *always* happens on inferno...

Search for:
if (allowTeamCamp[teamID] || g_playerFlags[id] & METER_IGNORE) continue;

Immediately before that line, add:
log_to_file("_brad.log", "teamID:%i id:%i", teamID, id);

Make the above changes, start inferno, then post the contents of _brad.log.

spiderbites 04-22-2008 12:39

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
ok Brad, btw why compiling locally with amxmodx 1.8 doesnt work?

error 025: function heading differs from prototype
error 021: symbol already defined: "has_flag"

Mordekay 04-22-2008 13:08

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
spiderbites read the last comments on THIS page and the start of the following page.

spiderbites 04-22-2008 13:31

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
uh my forum setting is set to 30 post per pages. which post exactly you want me to read?

Mordekay 04-22-2008 13:44

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
Post count 420

Dark_Menace 04-29-2008 15:52

Re: Bad Camper 1.4
Hi ,
unfortunately I'm having some problems with this plugin .. The plugin is running and everything but nothing is showing up \:

Meta list:

[ 1] AMX Mod X        RUN  -    amxmodx_mm.dll    v1.8.0.3  ini  Start ANY 
 [ 2] Monster          RUN  -    monster_mm.dll    v3.02.01  ini  Chlvl Chlvl
 [ 3] Adminmod        RUN  -    admin_mm.dll      v2.50.60  ini  Start ANY 
 [ 4] POD-Bot mm      RUN  -    podbot_mm.dll    v3.0B18c  ini  Chlvl ANY 
 [ 5] Fun              RUN  -    fun_amxx.dll      v1.8.0.3  pl1  ANY  ANY 
 [ 6] Engine          RUN  -    engine_amxx.dll  v1.8.0.3  pl1  ANY  ANY 
 [ 7] FakeMeta        RUN  -    fakemeta_amxx.dl  v1.8.0.3  pl1  ANY  ANY 
 [ 8] CStrike          RUN  -    cstrike_amxx.dll  v1.8.0.3  pl1  ANY  ANY 
 [ 9] CSX              RUN  -    csx_amxx.dll      v1.8.0.3  pl1  ANY  ANY

Amxx plugins:

[  1] Admin Base      AMXX Dev Team    admin.amxx      running 
 [  2] Admin Commands  AMXX Dev Team    admincmd.amxx    running 
 [  3] Admin Help      AMXX Dev Team    adminhelp.amxx  running 
 [  4] Slots Reservation  AMXX Dev Team    adminslots.amxx  running 
 [  5] Multi-Lingual System  AMXX Dev Team  running 
 [  6] Menus Front-End  AMXX Dev Team    menufront.amxx  running 
 [  7] Commands Menu  AMXX Dev Team    cmdmenu.amxx    running 
 [  8] Players Menu    AMXX Dev Team    plmenu.amxx      running 
 [  9] Teleport Menu  AMXX Dev Team    telemenu.amxx    running 
 [ 10] Maps Menu      AMXX Dev Team    mapsmenu.amxx    running 
 [ 11] Admin Chat      AMXX Dev Team    adminchat.amxx  running 
 [ 12] Anti Flood      AMXX Dev Team    antiflood.amxx  running 
 [ 13] Scrolling Message  AMXX Dev Team    scrollmsg.amxx  running 
 [ 14] Info. Messages  AMXX Dev Team    imessage.amxx    running 
 [ 15] Admin Votes    AMXX Dev Team    adminvote.amxx  running 
 [ 16] NextMap        AMXX Dev Team    nextmap.amxx    running 
 [ 17] Nextmap Chooser  AMXX Dev Team    mapchooser.amxx  running 
 [ 18] TimeLeft        AMXX Dev Team    timeleft.amxx    running 
 [ 19] Pause Plugins  AMXX Dev Team    pausecfg.amxx    running 
 [ 20] Stats Configuration  AMXX Dev Team    statscfg.amxx    running 
 [ 21] Restrict Weapons  AMXX Dev Team    restmenu.amxx    running 
 [ 22] StatsX          AMXX Dev Team    statsx.amxx      running 
 [ 23] CS Misc. Stats  AMXX Dev Team    miscstats.amxx  running 
 [ 24] CS Stats Logging  AMXX Dev Team    stats_logging.a  running 
 [ 25] Team Balancer          1.8b3      Ptahhotep        ptb.amxx        running 
 [ 26] Alternative End Round  2.3b        Arkshine          alt_end_round_s  running 
 [ 27] Admin Check            1.51        OneEyed          admin_check.amx  running 
 [ 28] POD-Bot Menu            1.3        g4s|figurE.09    amxx_podbotmenu  running 
 [ 29] Automatic knife duel    0.3        JGHG              automatic_knife  running 
 [ 30] BombSiteRadar-ON        0.2.16      iG_os            BombSite_Radar.  running 
 [ 31] Real Nade Drops        0.4        VEN              realnadedrops.a  running 
 [ 32] Spawn Protection        7.0        Peli              spawnprotection  running 
 [ 33] Weapon Icon            1.1        hoboman313/Zenix  weapon_icon.amx  running 
 [ 34] Bad Camper              1.4 beta    Brad Jones        bad_camper.amxx  running

and finally the amxx cvars:

 [ 54] badcamper_version        1.4 beta                bad_camper.amxx
 [ 55] badcamper_debug          1                        bad_camper.amxx
 [ 56] badcamper_punish        12                      bad_camper.amxx
 [ 57] badcamper_limit          30                      bad_camper.amxx
 [ 58] badcamper_display        100                      bad_camper.amxx
 [ 59] badcamper_check_all      1                        bad_camper.amxx
 [ 60] badcamper_start          4                        bad_camper.amxx
 [ 61] badcamper_damage_reset  3                        bad_camper.amxx
 [ 62] badcamper_damage_restar  4                        bad_camper.amxx
 [ 63] badcamper_health        10                      bad_camper.amxx
 [ 64] badcamper_money          20                      bad_camper.amxx
 [ 65] badcamper_min_players    1                        bad_camper.amxx
 [ 66] badcamper_allow          0                        bad_camper.amxx
 [ 67] badcamper_announce      3                        bad_camper.amxx
 [ 68] badcamper_sound          1                        bad_camper.amxx
 [ 69] badcamper_immunity_flag  a                        bad_camper.amxx
 [ 70] badcamper_show_spec      1                        bad_camper.amxx

Hope you guys can help me [:

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