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Visual77 02-10-2018 12:41

Line break isn't working in convar.
I was certain I had asked this before but I couldn't find it from search.

How do you read a (line break) \n in a convar?

The line break is not treated as a line break when the message is printed to the client.


Server.cfg -> convar_message "Hi. \nThis is my line break."

ConVar hintMsg;

public void OnPluginStart()
        hintMsg = CreateConVar("convar_message", "", "Hint message");

void PrintMessage(int client)
        char buffer[256];
        hintMsg.GetString(buffer, sizeof(buffer));
        if (!strlen(buffer)) return;
        PrintHintText(client, buffer);

Visual77 02-10-2018 13:22

Re: Line break isn't working in convar.
Omg, fixed it.

ReplaceString(buffer, sizeof(buffer), "\\n", "\n");

WildCard65 02-10-2018 21:27

Re: Line break isn't working in convar.
Leaving this here for future people:
The problem was that C++ was applying an automatic escape delimiter to special characters: (ex: <back-slash>, <double quote>) before handing the string off to the calling code.

Text file: Hello user, "ALPHA", please provide input: \ERROR
Calling code receives: "Hello user, \"ALPHA\", please provide input: \\ERROR"

Note: Manually writing in escape sequences (ex: '\t', '\n') in a file is treated as 2 characters instead of a single character, this trips the automatic escape feature on the backslash.

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